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A good ol' fashioned chit-chat about the weather.

So, I was raised in northern lower Michigan, and have since moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As such, I LOVE snow!!!! I mean I adore it, in fact the only reason I'm okay with it getting cold in the winter is because I know that without those temperatures that beautiful frozen water would have no chance of persisting.

So what's everyone else's thoughts about snow? How many of you have not seen snow ever before? And does anyone else live in a climate where they get yards or meters worth of snow stacked?

-Der Jack
"Lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip it's been"
im with you - i absolutly love snow ... im praying we get some soon ,, if i win the lottery im off to alaska to live...snow all year is just about perfect for me Smile
i dont hate or like it to be honest... I know here in south uk we had a freak snow storm one year about 2 years ago and it bought us all to a standstill however that bit i hate.... l know this time round if it snows again i will get more driving skills in it developed in my owjn car
let it snow let it snow let it snow. :biggrin:

I like snow and im still waiting for it to come here : '
we got out of Dodge just in time, the next day, we were safe at our destination and the back home got 12" of snow. i grew up in buffalo ny.
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A year ago I was in northern Germany (Luneburg) for study abroad and they had apparently one of their most severe winters ever!! There was maybe an inch or two of snow, and the temp dropped below zero maybe once or twice. I laughed so hard at everyone complaining about the snow, and the most humorous bit was watching everyone punch their accelerators to go anywhere.... funny how fast acceleration doesn't really work on ice, eh? Confusedmile:
I Lived in Osaka and it got a light dusting of snow the winter I was there. I don't care for wearing 3+layers of clothes to keep warm. It snowed about 15km south of my hometown in Sydney about 25 years ago, and I didn't care for the cold then either.
That's interesting, because I've always figured if I had to choose between extremes, I'd always prefer to put a hundred layers of clothing on to keep out the cold, as opposed to sweating my ass off completely naked wondering why I can't take this damned skin-suit off!:tongue:

-Der Jack
"Lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip it's been"
No snow, no snow, no snow, snow makes getting around more difficult, it's awful to walk on, lovely on Christmas cards and that is where it should stay..! Remybussi
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Snow is fine in countries that can cope with it. England goes to pot at the lightest sprinkle of the white stuff.

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