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Snow Got a BF :)
Yay so he asked me out :biggrin:
thats what he wanted to talk about

since i came to the chat a couple days ago freakin out since he texted me saying "we need to talk" Rolleyes

so happy ^__^

dont know what els to say lol
That is so awesome *smiling from ear to ear*! I am jealous, take care and be good. Relationships are mostly compromises, so remember to be kind and thoughtful.
You're so lucky, Snow!

Congrats! I'm really happy for you.
And a little jealous. <_<
That's awesome Snow.

I wish you both all the luck the world has to offer.
And most surely you will find one, Conechn... Confusedmile: Give it time.
Snow Wrote:Yay so he asked me out :biggrin:


Congrats :p
Congrats lol
thankyou guys Smile
hes such a sweety
Congratulations, Snow! I wish you two the best!
Nawww YAY!
Hope it all goes well Tongue

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