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:eek: why? snow is far too beautiful to ditch! I live pretty much at the bottom of some mountains and just wish the snow would land down here as it does on the peaks of them
DerJack Wrote:So what's everyone else's thoughts about snow?
Snow's always cool to watch fall, especially when its big flakes Smile
And it looks nice when everything is covered in white ... One thing that particularly looks good is around Christmas season when there's lights decorating trees/houses & they get covered...

That being said I'm not a fan of winter...I hate cold (below 20F) and especially hate below 0F, that stuff sucks)
I also really dislike the short daylight hours in winter...


Oscar Wrote:I love snow! I live in Colorado,
Cool another Colorado person here
I love snow..too bad that i've never seen them in real... I wish i could have a chance to experience "white xmas day"! It would be fun, especially when you're together with someone that you loved!

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