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So... What do I do?
I've just started my 'A' levels, for those of you who don't know, that is the exams for two years before you start university. I'm half a term into the year and I've just switched from English Literature to Catering. This is my problem. My Mum is being, and excuse my french, she's being a bitch. Every conversation we have is an arguement. I started crying this morning as we were having a 'conversation', and it's not that odd for me to just randomly start crying as I suffer from depression. The thing that my Mum did wrong was start shouting at me. This upset me so much that when I got to school I nearly harmed myself, but overcame that moment of weakness. However I was still crying on the way into school, I basically ran to the toilet and sat there and cried for about half an hour.
Later that day, after school I got picked up by my Mum and an arguement started again. I'm not innocent in what happened next, we were arguing about my future, again, and she asked me 'What happens when it all falls through? Who's going to have to pick up the pieces?' I felt so angry. I shouted back this time, insulting her family, then I got out of the car and stormed home, a mixture of anger and sadness. A lot of people in my family have dropped out of college, she obviously thinks that I'm about to follow the same path.
This was all started by my dropping English Literature. I did both English Lit and English Language, as you can imagine the workload was large and I personally got both confused on occasion. I had wanted to be an English teacher, or at least that is what I was aspiring towards, however without English Lit I can not do the PGCE for teaching English. Thus my plans shifted slightly, to teaching psychology instead of English. This is what my Mum seems to be so against, me teaching psychology. I don't know why. I know you lot don't know my mum, so you can't help with her, but I'd be happy for any advice.
One thing I wasnt sure about was why you changed subject. Was it due to the large workload?

I imagine Catering is a lot easier. I really dont know the system over there but at youre age I would hate to be making decisions that will determine my future for the next couple decades. When I got into uni I declared Computer Science as a major, well, that changed about three times and I ended up with a major in Film Criticism. After graduating I moved to Tokyo and taught English Conversation. One just never can predict their future especially if you are an artist type.

The only suggestion I can make is for you and your mom to chill out!

If you want to keep the conversation going then try to come to an understanding of why she is so against teaching psychology... I guess it is all linked to your changing subjects to begin with... It all just seems to much drama for someone your age, especially suffering from depression. Are you being treated?

Hope you figure something out but I dont see this being very healthy for anyone... good luck!

Yes, my switching was due to the large work load. Also, I asked why she was against me teaching psychology, she didn't give me a straight answer and then changed the suject. I know she doesn't believe at all in psychology and it's findings, even though it is recognised as a science.
Hey hun



Not that I'm meaning to question your position on the English Literature thing, but ... are you absolutely sure that you must have English Lit. to undertake the PGCE ?

It's just that my best friend has taken, and passed Confusedmile: his PGCE, and he didn't take English Literature, believe it or not he did Social Sciences, focusing ON psychology, so there are definite parallels between his career path and yours ... and as I say he's now passed his PGCE, and he's doing a year's in-school teaching for experience before moving on to other things Confusedmile:.

... so there might be light at the end of the tunnel if you DO still want to become a Primary School teacher ...

I'm really sorry to hear that you've been going through a depressive time of things babe ... we're all here to back you up if you need or want a shoulder to cry on, as I'm sure you know Confusedmile:.

Keep your chin up - we'll get there xx.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
My day job is filled with this kind of thing, and I'd say provided you come out with good A-Levels (english lit is not vital) and completed a relevant undergraduate degree (say, English with Psychology or straight English / Psychology) then you will be able to undertake the PGCE of your choice.

TBH, at A-Level stage all the assessors are looking for are solid passes in a broad sphere of subjects, and english lit vs english lang doesn't really affect what you do for your PGCE. As for psychology, to do that at PGCE level you'd need the undergraduate degree, not necessarily the A-Level in the subject to do the PGCE.

Of course, you COULD consider doing a Masters or Doctoral Degree later, and lecture at university level if you wished? Tell her you're aiming to be a Doctor of Psychology and she may leave you alone!
I'd tend to go along with Serfdom's advice. I'm a bit out of touch and I assume the catering A-level is one of the new vocational A-levels? I was a boring dad and always advised my kids to take subjects that interested them when it came to their A-levels. That time is precious, but so challenging, and you might as well take the opportunity of digging deeper into areas of learning that fascinate you ... I must admit it led to some strange choices, but it's their lives and they are all doing okay and have mostly ended up doing what they were keen on.

I'm more concerned about your depression. I hope you are getting help with it? As a sometime fellow voyager along that path it's all too easy to be overwhelmed. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like your mum is being as supportive as she thinks she is. I don't suppose she is also depressed? It can affect more than one member of a family.

You need to take care of you. The education is rather pointless until it all makes more sense.

Good luck

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