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So busy
About 7 years ago, more or less, I had befriended a young man who happened to be gay in a stickly religious family who believed the Word as was written and interperted by their pastor. He was basically screaming for help, I counseled him for 2 years and he seemed to be doing well. On a monday I went to work as always during the course of the day he sent me a e-mail stating that home life had become intorlerable and that he was going to take his own life just like he was when I first met him. I didn't read that e-mail until 8pm, I of course sent him a e-mail to talk with me but got no response. 2 days later stevie's parents sent me an e-mail stating that he had taken his own life monday afternoon. Are we really that busy? I see so many here trying to or talking about suicide, I do't want to be that busy again, please don't it hurts us so much. Yes it may only be an internet connection, but we are real people out here and we do care, Jim
ps. crying, hard to write
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I was thinking today at work while everyone was rushing to get valentine's day stuff that people are busier than ever now. the average work week has gone well beyond 40 hours, people aren't taking enough time out to be with the ones they love or to be there for people in need.all of you wonderful people on this site have opened my eyes and made me realize how many people are actually hurt when someone commits suicide and its something that I'll hopefully never think of again.

crap now I'm tearing up Cry
Cry this is the type of thing that should show people that, although we are different and may not agree on every view/opinion, we are still people and should respect each other accordingly. Life wasn't given to us, just so it could be controlled by someone else and ultimately disrespected.

I'm no saint, I wasn't there when whatever god was creating us and our fellow creatures, and i'm certainly no psychic/medium, but I do know this, life is something that was meant to give us a purpose and meaning, and to disrespect someone by telling them that their life is not okay and to make that person feel so bad that they feel like they have to take their own life, is to basically say that our lives aren't worth it's purpose or meaning.

Ghandi's quote should always be in everyone's brain "Be the change you want to see in the world".

Don't feel bad about being busy, if we can't even live our lives without worrying that someone will take their life, because society limits our ability to live freely as humans, then what does that say about society as a whole? It's okay to be sad, but don't blame yourself, as you aren't to blame. You can be busy, but remember to enjoy life for what it is, cause you only live it once.

I hope you feel better and that your friend is in a better place Pray .
I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

[Image: Bhq8UAkIUAEuRRT.jpg]

I am so sorry James.
I also know the pain that suicide brings with it , to all that loved that person.

This is so heart breaking and sad.
James, that's very sad story. But please don't blame him our yourself *hug*
I am grateful, that you have made ceez say, what he said Confusedmile: Confusedmile:

ceez, it's great to see you back!

We don't celebrate Valentine at all in my country and I am so grateful! It brings so much stress on everyone. It seems to be worse than Christmas.

For all of you who don't feel like cuddling to someone you love today, why not throw a party here? Confusedmile: I have learnt some time ago, that my internet friends can be much more important to me than so called friends in my RL.
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pick a spot and stop, count your blessings before you continue
I am so sorry James.
I just came back from he website where I met this youngman, I decided to post the message here that I posted there so long ago, I think maybe it will let people know we all care, James

I miss my friend, a life cut too short thru ignorance and misunderstanding. Stevie was a special child, always more concerned with how others were than himself. Having found that he preferred boy's over girls, his family couldn't accept the way he was so they lashed out at him in anger and frustration. He was ridiculed and beaten not only by his father but by his older brother and his brothers friends. I found him reaching out to whoever would listen and accept who he was.
I spent many hours talking with him and found him bright, polite and full of compassion. I had grown up in similar circumstances and tried to help even though he wouldn't say where he was. He explained to me that he didn't want his dad or brother in trouble for something he caused. I explained to him that the way we felt inside was not something that we had chosen and that he needed to understand he was at least as good as everyone else but from what i could see even better.
we set up a time every evening to talk with each other and try to unload the problems of the day so that we could cope with tomorrow better not taking any of the previous days garbage into the next. By the time he turned 12 he had nicknamed me his INTERNET dad, saying often that he wished I had been his real dad. Everything seemed to be progressing and this bright light of a child seemed happier than he had been when I first meet him.
When he turned 13 and the full rush of hormones kicked in, he become a real handful. He talked about the boys he liked at school and the one in particular he felt drawn to. "Every time I see him my body trembles inside" was a very unique but I felt accurate description of what we all felt in those circumstances. Unknown to me he had acted on his feelings and got caught. The repercussions from those actions by his family were swift and merciless.
The monday before last my friend e-mailed me in the morning. He told me why I hadn't heard from him, that he had been severely beaten and not allowed near the computer as it was a bad influence on him. He told me that I had been his only true friend and that he loved me and wished that we were together. He told me that he didn't want to make any more mistakes, that what he put his family through had to stop. He apologized for not being able to help himself and that his feelings just overcame him and he had to act. He then said it wasn't my fault and that I was his best friend and not to feel bad. At the end of the message he told me to listen to "Don't stand at my grave and weep" by libera, "I love you always".
.Stevie, for you I played it for several hours after I im"d your computer and got an im back from your parents stating that you had taken your life. I am sorry that I couldn't help you, I miss you so much and as you pointed out in your message to me, my feelings have overcome me and I am still crying as I write you this one last message. I love you Stevie, I miss you, please God he may have taken his own life but I believe that no one in heaven would be worse off if you let him in, his compassion and selfless giving should at least get him a seat.

No mas
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