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So, its happened
Thanks guys! Beerchug
Well done... and bravo dad!!! He's a champion.
Lucky! /greenmonster

Congrats, Rimo! Your dad sounds awesome.
Congratulations! Stories like that make me believe that Christmas is the time when magic is real =) I wish every person in this world had such a great family!
Namasté and congratulations ... very nice to hear :-)
I just wanted to say I found your story very inspirational. Thanks for sharing and congratulations.

Given my situation, it really made me feel better.
ON a side note you may consider putting this story on the tube U TUBE that is coming out stories like yours would be an inspiration to others and maybe just maybe the family's of those who are coming out
I'm glad my story can be such an inspiration for others.
This is wonderful! Congratulations! Smile
Congrats, Xrimo.

I think everything that can be said has already been said above, just made up for you. :biggrin:

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