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So, its happened
Thanks Rocky. Nothing much has happened since, its actually a bit anti-climatic now :p
Aw congrats ^_^ Funny story I came out to my family near Christmas of last year too lol
If I knew my parents would do this, I would have already said something. But I know that they would disown me. Sorry.

I'm very happy you have parents that support you and are truly about your own best interests.
That's pretty awesome. I'm glad everything went well for you. Seemed like a pretty amazing Christmas.
XRIMO Wrote:So I came out to my father on Christmas. I gave him a card that had a nice message about family and being together, and on the blank side of the little pages inside I wrote my own message saying that it was time this happened and that all I want is the love and respect of my parents.

Well, when I gave him the card my heart was beating so hard and fast. My mother asked if he was alright, and he started to cry and he hugged me saying that he's known and was just waiting for me to say something. So, it went better than I imagined.

I also found out that the rest of my family knows, my aunts and my grandmother... so while I have only come out to my parents, my whole family knows and no one cares, its all I could ever want. THIS WAS THE BEST CHRISTMAS OF MY LIFE!!! Mdrbig

congrats for you on this... Sorry its a late reply for me... Coming out isnt always easy and having a supportive family helps... Now you know all is well your able to explore your inner bitions and begin life the way it should be

Kindest regards

zeon xxxxxxxx
Even though this thread is pretty old, I just want to say that it made me really happy. Well done, congratulations and thank you Smile

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