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Social Networking
Are you on Tumblr? Facebook? Twitter? My[_____]?

Want some more friends? Put your URL up here for people to add you (if you want to!)

Dale Ulrich | Facebook
Dale Ulrich (cpnawesome) on Twitter
none of the above I only do this and Gay. com
What about instant messengers? Or gaming platforms like Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network?

All those work too Smile
nope I just got my first computer have no clue about that stuff
Bam Followed h

PSN-ID Agent_Slime
i am on
but warning, im very politically fueled and angry sounding on one of my groups on here, its how i let off steam lol, im not really that pissy a person in real life, its the whole keyboard makes my tounge looes thing Tongue


Playstation3: under SephirothTX, BUT my ps3 is dead right now, luckily i got wind somone may be buying me one for xmas so you know, if you add me ill add you after i get it all hooked up!

YIM joevil2025

so yeah, seak me outn
I am on

Real Life . com

and you can also catch me at

My Charity
A Night Club
Some Place With Friends
Some Place With Family

And I used to be on Tumblr but I realised I prefer Washing Machine.

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