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Sociopathic behaviour?
Well as you all know, I recently converted from Christianity to having no religion, because it was too stressful and here's the story. I woke up one morning in July and couldn't go back to sleep, I hadn't been worried about my spirituality for a long time, but on that morning, I kept feeling un-Christian, so I became agnostic, then much later, atheist. Anyway, I'm on Prozac for clinical depression and have met some friends online that "troll" on Omegle and prank call all for fun. I began using fowl language and my mum didn't care at first. This behaviour was the exact opposite of the person I used to be (I'm back to where I used to be now). I was in a high druglike euphoric state (probably caused from the prozac) in which I felt invincible and had no remorse. Now, my mum e-mailed my psychiatrist about this the other day, and you know that she said back to my mum? "He's exhibiting anti-social behaviour!" What a bitch! Sorry, but that's key for "sociopath," which I am not? She blamed me for everything. I don't get it. What is it? The medication or was I just being an asshole?:frown:
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Someone once called me a sociopath and oyu know what I said? "Nah I'm just a cunt sometimes"
Lol, yeah I should get over it, but it just seemed to bother me. I told this woman everything and I never once disrespected her, but now she goes and calls me a sociopath? What the hell kind of treatment is that?
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People throw around the term sociopath frequently but an actual sociopath can take years to diagnose and it is a difficult diagnosis at that.

Forgot to add: I dont' think an actual sociopath ever questions whether or not they are a you are safe Smile
Thanks haha, I don't know why I'm so mad at her. I just feel offended, I supose. Why would she say such a thing?
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First of all your post implies the psychiatrist engaged in conversation about you with your mom by email and in confidence, and therefore you somehow read what the psychiatrist said and disagree. If this is true then you should know that if what you say he/she said is true it is VERY unprofessional and a good sign you should speak with that doc face-to-face to talk about feeling betrayed and misrepresented. IF YOU DO THIS it will be a great exercise in your practicing skills that will help you gain insight into your own abilities and potential and it might help that doc help you better! Hold that doc accountable for the result of the whole scenario whether it was "right" or "wrong" thus giving that professional a chance to grow and improve practice and help yourself at the same time. Next, consider getting your own professional counselor that your mom might could share info WITH but not legally receive ANY info FROM him/her about your work together.

Learning about mood and personality disorders as it specifically relates to YOU is the key to learning what needs to be done to deal effectively. I would not recommend running from the matter and I would not recommend continuing therapy where you are not assured of total confidentiality so your therapeutic relationship is totally TRUSTED.

Stay connected with your experience here (not necessarily about the details) because I imagine many of us would like being here to support your efforts! Wavey
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I did read the e-mail. My mum allowed me to. She was very upset that she would say such a thing about me, too. It was rude. The psychiatrist ignored the fact that in my mum's letter it also mentioned me shaking (a sign of Parkinson's), which can also be triggered my the meds. They also cause grandiose and euphoric delusions and thoughts. We were not informed of this and she pushed the blame on me. I will be telling her that I feel uncomfortable with her saying those things. It was not right for her to do that. I am supposed to trust this woman in a blameless environment. If she wants an opinion-based job, she should go find one. She has no business being a psychiatrist.
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First, I don't like your psychiatrist breaking patient confidentiality. Only way she should have done that is if she had your written permission to discuss your case with your mother. The ONLY exception should bee if she felt you posed a threat to her or to yourself and,she has asked her help in intervening (as in he was sending the police or mental heath personnel to get you and, thus she needed to be aware. or, she was asking her to bring you to a hospital or treatment center.)

I'd definitely confront him on that, and be looking for a new therapist immediately.

As for what's going on with you personally, I'm no therapist, but it sounds like it might have been a combination of several factors, perhaps you were in a manic phase, the natural high elevated by the Prozac and, you were wanting to fit in with new acquaintances, trying to rebuild the social circle you lost when you abandoned religion. Wile trolling and prank calling are socially unacceptable, they are not truly anti social. You were interacting socially, just not in an appropriate way, and you know that, probably knew it at the time and chose to keep doing it for a while.

Relax, don't let it get you down, and do discuss it with your psychiatrist, then decide if you trust her, or need to find a new therapist. Not every therapist is good for everyone.
I always feel good when I come here. I feel as if I would rather have you people here on gayspeak as my therapists sometimes. It's nice to be around gays like me, who understand. I can't thank you all enough! Confusedmile:
Gay is happiness
Aww! It's okay you're not a sociopath. You just have feelings like any other human being. Smile

You're 100% Normal.

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