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Sociopathic behaviour?
Sweetie , unfortunately people will often use psychiatric terms , without knowing exactly what they mean.

I am pretty sure she overreacted because she was worried about you , after all you are her baby.

You are fine , do not let words destroy you.
It's hard to say. Psyche meds affect the brain and that affects personality, so the meds may be contributing significantly to your new use of profanity, etc. (They've been known to contribute to suicide and murder as well, though that's thankfully rare in the least that we know of fairly definitively.)

OTOH, you're 17. I understand that diagnosing teens is problematic at best and I think the more ethical or wiser psychiatrists refrain from doing so. Btw, IIRC, you can't be diagnosed with any kind of antisocial personality DO until after you turn 18. And the brain normally doesn't stop changing until age 25 (and people tend to be more impulsive, changeable, and adaptable for better and for worse until then). And things like making prank calls is normal teenage behavior (and trolling, how is that different from how teens used to tag buildings and homes with profanities and racial epithets?). Just know that while you think it's funny now, one day you'll likely look back on that and cringe (I know I do).

Btw, I've never been a Christian (and currently agnostic) and I use a lot less profanity than a great many Christians (and Muslims) I've encountered (some of whom I even get along with) do. And I was even a fan of South Park as a kid and I didn't imitate it.
your behavior sounds like most people I knew at your age, I don't know how these therapist keep finding work. isn't there some kind of standard they have to follow?
The truth is ANYONE, and I mean absolutely anyone can be diagnosed with some form of some mental illness. That doesn't mean they are mentally ill, just that they have one or more things that CAN be a part of some kind of mental illness.

A few examples, things that have happened to my partners when I had them go talk to my therapist about me.

He was a Christian and, mentioned the "Still, small voice" (a Christian reference to you conscience) and, was diagnosed immediately as borderline schizophrenic. (I got a new therapist.)

Last one told my therapist he didn't understand how stuff from 30 years ago could bother me today. He was diagnosed as sociopathic, unable to empathize with others. (I quit therapy and meds, never looked back and, aside from the initial effects of coming off meds too quickly, it made ZERO difference.)

Yes there is a place for psychotherapy, but IMO it's overused and over relied on by many. I made the mistake of letting therapy and meds become a crutch, took what I saw as an attack on the man I loved to wake me up. Sure I was a mess for a couple of weeks, dropping 3 meds cold turkey isn't the brightest move, but I made it through and, once that was over, I was fine, didn't feel any different than I did before. Still don't, and it's been seven years - not one of the things I was being treated for affects me any more without meds and talking to a therapist than they did before. I still have one trigger that I can only keep myself out of a flashback on about 1 in 20 times it happens, I'm still not depressed, I don't flip out over images of abuse similar to what happened to me and, I don't have panic attacks in crowds - which is what the meds were supposedly preventing.

The point is, it taught me not to take therapy as gospel, to second guess, question it and find my own truth instead of relying on a therapist and medication to do it for me. Just because a shrink makes an educated guess, and diagnoses something doesn't always make it true. Sometime it is, but sometimes they are wrong. They are human and make mistakes same as the rest of us.
I have never seen such intelligence on any site, before I came here. Confusedmile: I feel much more comfortable on Gayspeak than in her care.
Over the decades we have seen what were considered normal behaviour being tagged with a phsychiatric term, and then that term used and abused, people over-diagnosed and mis-diagnosed.

A once hyperactive child is now ADD or ADHD, a once sad child is now a depressed child and billions of dollars are now being spent on phsychiatric care when really it isn't required. Coincidently we have seen a massive increase in anti-social behaviour, violence and a general lack of this just coincidence that this behaviour has increased at the same time that prescription and illegal drugs have flooded our streets?

@ Jis, you're psychiatrist is displaying unethical behaviour and has also been disrespectful of you and your problems, generally people who display these qualities don't change so you need to find someone else. I would suggest a counsellor or psychologist rather than a psychiatrist.

You may or may not need medication, but I would think that if the medication you are on changes your personality THAT much, that there is a seriously problem with your medication and you need a second and possibly a third opinion so that you can get the correct treatment for you Wink
If this is your treating doctor, you need to tell him what the drug is doing to you.

Anti-social behavior has a lot of meanings and is a symptom of a lot of 'conditions'.

In your case this is drug related, and it needs to be addressed immediately. These modern mental health pills do odd things and have strange side effects. Such as driving depressed people to suicide.

As for Church and God - there is a huge difference between the two.

In my early 20's I had a huge faith in Church. It took seminary and earning a collar for me to realize that my faith in Church was misplaced, then I started getting a faith in God. Big difference.

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