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Some facts about england
sorry if I offended you it was unintentional. Wink2
QUITE HILARIOUS. I had fun listening to this kinda, like... erm..; like;.. erm...
Very well done despite 29 lies being told about this country... If this country had 22,000 residents in an area which is 400 odd miles long and 200 odd miles wide then that would make the gay population at 10% of this 2,000 meaning that if its divided by the so called six counties and equal porportion then it works out to be 333 people in each county of her imagenitive six so in each town it would either be just you and your right hand or you and if your lucky another guy whereas some would have lesbians sharing with them lmao

like the video

kindest regards

zeon x
Wow - really? Is someone smoking crack? I'm not English and probably couldn't refute some of what this girl is saying, ridiculous! Perhaps someone who knows could correct her? And Charles isn't in line for the throne anymore is he? Didn't he have to give that up to get with Camilla?

I also saw in a magazine that William is getting married - true or no? I've heard this on more that one occasion over the years and it's never happened. Personally, I think Harry is much better looking :biggrin:

Appreciate some answers - thanks!
It was all tongue in cheek... Wink

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