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Sony PS4 VR
Anyone thinking of buying it when released? I am tempted but need to buy a PS4 as well. Do you think I can trade in my PS3 or won't it be worth anything?
I doubt if you can trade your PS3, since PS4 has a reasonable price .... dont know how much a second handed PS3 worth. I have all my consoles tho Tongue Why not keep it if you have enough space?

I have to get a PS4 1st, like you and I am waiting for more games to be released. Right now there arent many games that I yearn to play.

If you have a 4K TV you should go for PS4Pro
Thanks for the advice - never thought of the pro but don't have a 4K TV
I saw a review video about it and although I'm usually into this kind of thing, the main thing that came out of the review was the amount (cost and extra equipment) you need to get the best experience from it and the amount of wiring. Like, loads of wires. Plus it looks so bulky, it still looks quite 90s-esque. I think I'm prepared to hold out till things slim down a little.
Funny enough I watched a similar review - to much cabling to get started
All I can think of when I see VR headsets is neck pain.
[Image: giphy.gif]
PS4 might be good. But the VR tech is clunky and overpriced.
You need a big ass room to make most games work and you have to run big chunky cables round your room. Not to mention two ps move controllers at $100.
Basically you need to rich and be tech-savvy. Oh and not suffer from motion sickness or all you've got is an expensive vomit-inducing machine.

Better to wait for a more advanced VR system.
Like an iPhone...lets wait for version 2 - let the bugs iron out...good idea
I'm thinking of converting to PC gaming... Playstation pissed me off when they made GTA Online to require PLUS... dumb as fuck.. i waste enough money on the original ps4... have a 4k tv.. but now i have to buy a PS4 pro, to compensate?! And PS did it in hopes of stopping people from going to PC... Spending more money every couples years to stay "up-to-date" with the latest... that doesn't MAKE ME WANT TO STAY... But ya, VR is epic.
[Image: tumblr_m4flmmpYM51rnz3joo1_500.gif]
haha that is so awesome man

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