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Sorry for delay people :-S
Hiya All,
Sorry for delay in coming back i know i made an appearance and after i post it my computer goes BANG so i think fuck it and take a hammer to the computer (like john cleese does with a tree branch and a mini). Admittidly i did loose my rag as id had enough well just an update as im trying to get back to the forums and catch up with ya all as i do miss not talking in here.. I ordered a new computer and figured sod it im in debt several thousand pound but i need a new computer so i ordered one and then my partner Wayne found out his granddad died three days ago and god aint emotions wierd??? He was naturally upset and crying through hearing the news and talking on the phone and then i burst into tears and he asked me why i was crying and even though id only met the bloke once or twice it was a "chain reaction" Only thing i could say really.. Well called work and am currently off work with him on compassionate leave which is good.. Had to mind you drop everything drove straight home bagged one lot of clothes for three days and got the dogs dropped the shits to the mate of ours who has them when we work and then drove 186 miles NORTH to leicester.. God that is a boring drive but it soon passes.. Got up there and felt emotionally drained and because i didnt know anyone or not many people should i say i read the local press to my home town of brighton about 30 times during the day as i didnt have a pen or anything else to do soduku with (and using my blood isnt an option).. Well called work today and told them we wont be back until saturday as i need another day off to recover and drove home.. Whilst in leicester we stopped at his sisters flat bless her and despite the main front door doesnt close but the interior doors do i was NOT going to let the minus 6 - 12 degrees we have been having dampen my spirits loved it sitting in a room with a wee fire wrapped up beside me fella in a single bed yep we both managed to fit on the bed (which is one of the reasons why im glad my feelings go mainly for shorter guys)
Got to my mates place and as he knows i am down a bit at the moment he told me i got u summit so i asked what and when he showed me i was really happy.. He had bought me a chess set which is made of stone and has skull figurines on it (Bit morbid i know). I was really grateful for that and when i got in i thought god return to the shit hole of home aint it nice.. Opening my bedroom door on the floor was two boxes and i looked a bit puzzled and then on closer inspection it was my brand spanking new computer wooo.. I know it is like a cheap make having a name of zoostorm but it does the trick and the keyboard keys are well lush and springy.. Love springy keyboard keys:-D..
Now i am sitting here listening to celine deion -Its all coming back to me now and re capping on the events over past three days.. I am so pleased now to be home but have said like a quite moment in my mind (as i am a very spiritual person and do beleive that messages are like passed through to loved ones despite my partner thinking im mad) and plan tomorrow to relax take it easy put the car keys on the hook and rest ready for work on saturday.. Just dreading the funeral as ive never been to a burial and dont want to cry anymore because my lil man is upset but hey ho ill always be strong at heart if not on emotions

I will be resuming normal shedules from tomorrow and ca6tching up with you all now im back to normal YAY

big hugz n kizz missed yas all

zeon xxxxxxxxxInvasion
Stay positive and i promise good things will happen Big Grin

Great to has ya back Smile

Sorry to hear of your friend's bereavement, Zeon. Yes, funerals can get quite emotional, sometimes; Just be there for your friend. He'll be needing your shoulder to cry on.
Oh, what a lovely read (well, not the death part) but love an emotional story cause that just shows ya all got a heart now dont it...

*lovely read except for the part about celine deion (gag, gag, gag) Tongue3

**especially love the name of your new computer "zoostorm" wonder where the zoo part comes from?

***anyone wanna help name my computer when it finally gets built? Maybe I should post that once it gets started...
Wishing you health and strength for yourself and those around you, zeon.

All the best.
Hi All,
Thanks for the support and kind words we both are grateful for them.. I am now after a days work of sorting out washing up cleaning and whatnot else listening to a bit of enya to unwind and relax... If you need to name a computer your building call it cybermaxx Its my old computer name...

Kindest regards

Best to you .Knuddel
Reach for the moon if you miss you will be amoung the stars

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