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Souls, Soul mates and Twin Souls
Interesting concepts, the spirituality aside, I find the ideas interesting. I'm not sure I believe in soul mates but I don't entirely discount the possibility either. What do you think? Are such things really possible? Do we have twin souls out there?
i don't really believe in soul mates ~

but if they are real ... then my best friend is mine . we've lived together for about eleven years . i love him more than i love most of my family , and my girlfriend . lol .
(my girlfriend knows that i love my best friend more than i love her ... she's okay with it , because she thinks he's awesome )
I don't believe that Soul Mates exist. My own opinion is that it was a word created for people who say that a bond with another person would never end.

Sure there are many who do have everlasting bonds with others (whether that be friend/family/lover) but modern society has taught us that we have to work at anything if we want it to work otherwise it could just not last.
I know they exist.
I like to believe anything is possible.

Then again, I am something of a naive, Pollyanna type.
Anything is possible. But is it likely? I just don't think so. The way I think is that for there to be "soul mates" would mean that at some point one spirit was divided into two (and that begs the question of WHY?). So I can believe in kindred spirits, but I'm just not inclined to accept soul mates or twin flames, at least not as in some predestined "for all eternity" way (but I could accept the idea of spirits BECOMING that way, at least for a time, but even then if given enough time, say over several lifetimes, it would likely grow to include many more "twins").

I did once have spontaneous past life memories once. It's a long story I don't feel like sharing now, but suffice to say I'm agnostic on how real those memories were. But if real then I was once a male pirate who had 2 wives (with kids) in 2 different ports (it's why I couldn't give up the lifestyle as I'd have to choose one family over the other and I couldn't do that, and also being a pirate allowed me to support both families), and they both suffered when I was killed and could no longer provide for them. And one of those wives whom I loved dearly (and loved me back and was utterly heartbroken when I never returned to her) was my best friend in this life when I was 10-15 who left me heartbroken when she was the one who died (she was, I believe, straight with me being the only girl I know of who had sex with her, and she always had me to "be the boy"). I suppose that's the closest thing I can think of to having a partner in multiple lifetimes (again IF my past life memories were of real previous lives AND not simply "channeled" from some cosmic memory banks so that I wasn't actually the person's memories I tapped).

That said I've met a kindred spirit I've never felt closest to (my only regret is she's 100% hetero, and she herself has said she wished she wasn't as she'd love to meet a guy like me to marry and if she was bi then she'd jump on me eagerly) but neither of us had any sense of "familiarity" with each other when we met and if we ever knew each other from another life (or some other plane of existence) then I have no inkling of it.
wintermoon Wrote:I like to believe anything is possible.

Then again, I am something of a naive, Pollyanna type.

The thing with soul isn't always a love connection...sometimes exactly the opposite if that is what lesson your soul needs on whatever particular leg of the journey you are on....

In other words...your soul mate could be your greatest love...or your greatest adversary...or many other things...whatever it takes....

I know alot about the journey of the soul and how it works due to circumstances beyond my control. I used to hate it but long ago I accepted it and now I see t as a gift.

I beleive we are "cast out" in groups of 800-1200 souls and we evolve in groups over a period of lifetimes (many of them)...and during each of these lifetimes you will meet and interact with a good number of souls you are connected with.
I don't believe in soul mates.
Seems to me like romantic perfectionism with large does of spirituality tacked on.

I just believe there are people in the world that are highly compatible with others when it comes to relationships. You could call these people possible soul mates i guess.
Here is part of a discussion from Feb 2011...the questions in bold are from Azulai...the answers are from me........

So, I'm curious as to what others think about the concept of a soulmate.

Do you believe in a soulmate?

Absolutely without a doubt in my mind...It is one of the only things I am absolutely sure of.

Is there just one? Or could there be more than one for a particular journey in a person's life?

Good Question...I think we are all 'born" in groups of 800-1200 souls that are are integral to the whole so each soul in your group is potentially a soul mate though I do not think a soul mate necessarily comes in the form of a could be a parent, a friend, a depends on the path you have and the goals you have in whatever particular lifetime you are in whether or not you will even meet your actual soulmate. Your soulmate may even be forced to be your adversary if you need to have an adversary in order to evolve or learn a lesson.

Do you believe in being linked by reincarnation (past lives/even different forms)?

I do beleive we reincarnate with the same group of souls over all of our lifetimes.

Is your belief tied to a particular cultural influence? (Ancient Greek, Jewish-bashert, astrology, etc.)

Not really. I am a spiritual eclectic and have alot of influences.

Is it a spiritual affinity

I am not sure what you are asking but I do think there is a spiritual affinity with your soulmate/soulmates

What is it?

A soulmate on any level has a key for you...and a feeling of being "home"

Is it the other half of your soul? do have another half of your soul. My lover used to talk to me daily and even visit me for three years before I actually met him in person. I knew his name, birthday, ect ect...I even felt it when he had an accident and I called up two of my friends to tell them and I also told all of my friends all the time that he was visiting me and I told them his name...ect ect...funny because when I finally met him I had been telling all these people all along and they were kind of shocked because I knew they were just being gracious to me and I didn't blame them at all for playing along...who would believe it? Bu the thing is...everything I said was true AND the night we were going to meet I was painting my house and he told me it was time...I called up my two best friends of course to tell them...and the next day i introduced them to the guy who they had been hearing about for years...they even knew his name an afterthought I was so glad I said something all along because anyone can say it AFTER the fact but I told tons of people BEFORE the fact.

Does it "complete" a person?

Yes...but it can be messy and exhilarating and everything else you can imagine all at once. It all depends on how much you are true to yourself and how much you are willing to evolve how well it will go. It is the most intense form of intimacy I believe.

I beleive you have to meet your other half and become one in order to evolve off of this plane of existence and join your soul group.
.........and the followup:biggrin:

Thank you for sharing your story. I know it's very personal for you.

You are a very sweet man azulai...and a very perceptive one as well. I really dont' like to share the story on the Internet...I have told a few people before when I think it might be helpful for them to hear just so happens that I like and respect you and felt your question worthy of my true answer.

Ok, so this is kind of where I'm in an internal battle. I'm wondering if the equation is
half + half = whole OR is it whole + whole = something greater than one

I do understand the nature of internal battle...I have two major and one minor unanswered questions that haunt me and have for years....I like to play with them and they have become so familiar and comfortable as internal struggles that I am not sure I want the mysteries solved at this point

I prefaced with the above because I think this question of yours deserves alot of thought and if I were to give it a quick shot I would say that both of your premises are true.

Is it a completion of each other? Or do you each need a type of completeness to achieve the recognition of each other so that then together you reach a kind spiritual union (and some really hot mind-blowing sex. )

You have to give up all of your images of yourself and everything around you to get to the state of a true spiritual is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT and comes in stages...but it is worth every bit of the effort involved. In order to experience the completion you have to develop the ability to be really humble (and it is a wicked hard to do )...the IS mind blowing actually

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