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South Carolina Baptists Confuse Condemnation and Compassion
This article caught my eye:

Quote:Southern Baptists in South Carolina have approved a resolution to encourage pastors around the state to preach against homosexuality.
One of the eight resolutions approved Tuesday by more than 1,000 delegates holding their 190th annual meeting in Columbia also points out that “Southern Baptists and other evangelical Christians have been portrayed by the media as intolerant or dangerous because of our commitment to Christ and our belief in Biblical precepts.”
But the resolution also calls on Christians “to uphold the biblical standard of human sexuality against all onslaughts” while encouraging believers “to love and show compassion toward homosexuals and transgendered persons.”
So many places to start…
First, Southern Baptists haven’t been portrayed as intolerant or dangerous because of their “commitment to Christ” or their “belief in Biblical precepts.” They have been portrayed as intolerant and dangerous because of how those beliefs lead them to act. If you believe, for instance, that it is okay to tell people that God hates them and they are going to hell because the Bible tells you to, then you will, no doubt be seen as “intolerant and dangerous” no matter what the subject is. Also, if you, as a denomination, continue to deny the growing evidence that being gay or lesbian is as “sinful” as being left-handed or green-eyed, then continuing to condemn gays and lesbians from the pulpit will undoubtedly be seen as “intolerant and dangerous ...” more
My state of course ugh =_=*
Love your neighbor as yourself J.C. true christians LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
DarkDaisuke Wrote:My state of course ugh =_=*

Agreed. Im in the same boat.
lol what is the "growing evidence" that being gay is sinful?
That's not exactly what the article said...
Being gay is AS sinful AS being left handed or green-eyed (ie not, because you don't choose to sin by being green-eyed naturally or left handed naturally)
It's just a sarcastic comparison.
Marvinteck Wrote:Agreed. Im in the same boat.

Yeah it sucks here somewhat although the religious nuts are nowhere near me

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