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Starting an essay, any ideas how too lol!
Well I got till next week to hand in my essay (14th), but I don't have a clue where to go with it though. I have to write about an artist from the last 50 years but the twist is that I have to also review two other reviews of my chosen artist, but my problem is that I can't find two different reviews to look at....

I'm starting to stress now lol!

Any one got any ideas how to sort this out please??
Right. First thing's first. Relax. You can't study while you're stressed.

Have you chosen your artist yet?? That'd be perhaps the best place to start. Have you been given any sources of relevant material to find your reviews you have to use?? If not try google scholar. It's perhaps my favourite essay source. Try and speak to a tutor abuot finding extra material if you're really stuck. Best of hunni Smile

More or less what Nick said, tutors are generally good for clarifying and helping point you in the right direction, and it's worth remembering that you're not going to be considered stupid or inadequate for asking for help.

In addition, if you've got any friends that are Grads in a similar field, they might be able to help you out?

And definetely agreed, first thing to do is relax and take a breather, stressed is not a good way to study.

Good luck sugar. =)

Ky xx
Apart from the well-informed opinions above my first instinct would be to see what is showing currently. Surely with the Rothko exhibition at the Tate Modern, Warhol on the South Bank and the Bacon (which we've both just missed) there must be loads of info out there?
When I have to write an essay.. The way I personally begin is just a load of bullet points gathering info.. then mark relevant points to use and order them then place them into an essay : )
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I'm planing on doing the essay on the Artist Julian Opie. Only problem is I'm finding it hard to find any thing info on his Tokyo show which I'm doing the essay on.

My other problem is that the tutors will only be able from next Monday onwards, my luck is totally shit at times lmao!!!
sweetlad86 Wrote:I'm planing on doing the essay on the Artist Julian Opie. Only problem is I'm finding it hard to find any thing info on his Tokyo show which I'm doing the essay on...
Some fairly obvious solutions spring to mind Rolleyes
Well like i said hunni. Google Scholar and Google Books are invaluable. They make it look like you've done WAY more research than you really have.

Just type in the kind of quote/line/text/review you're lookin for and let it work its fantastical magic.

Last year i managed to get all kinds of multilingual quotes to back up my essay points, getting me an eesay average of 18. Big GrinBig Grin

And for three of those essays i didn't even have to read the text!!
I know Marshlander, just after some stress management....

Didn't mean that in a funny way Marsh...

Nick I'm a bit confused on how to use Google Scholar and Google Books..
Right so when you go on the google homepage click on more, then scroll down to scholar.

It'll bring up the page.

Next type in the title/segment/general gist of what you're searching for, then let it work its magic.

e.g if i type in "Analysis of 'die Zuhalter Ballade'"

it brings up books with page references of relevant material...

Hope there's something helpful there Smile

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