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Okay so here is a question about gay stereotypes. Are the majority of gay guys the skinny guys who only like other skinny guys all that, etc. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, it's just, I am rather husky because of a thyroid condition and if I do through this discovery process I'm going through find myself to truly be gay, I don't want to be miserable because no one likes me. Any insights? :redface::redface::redface::redface::redface::redface::redface::redface:
Gay people are just like straight people when it comes to looking for somebody to date or have sex with. Some people are shallow as mud puddles and want nothing to do with you if you are husky. Other people actually prefer to date husky people. Its all decided on a case by case basis. My best advice to you is get out there and talk to people so you can see who is out there. Every body has different taste and there bound to be somebody who would love to be with you. I know I personally dont care about looks as much as I do the person personality.
We're a diverse bunch.
Us Queer.:tongue:

Just like straight people.
We come in XXS XS S M L XL XXL XXL. and so on.

And i'm sure quite a few browse the larger sizes.:biggrin:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Nicolai - throw that idea right out the window m8, everyone has different tastes which is how it should be....when you meet that special person then something just clicks...size, shape ,looks are just a part of the equation..theres someone out there for all of us i believe
Just like straight people - you like whoever.
i think lot of peple like musely the best sexy becase it if it was picters of sexymen on telly and that.but some lliked is skinny or medum or mbigger so its is ok and still somone who liked it . diffrint sexy for diffint ones
Hey Nikolai...

There's a profile pic of my hubby and he's not your standard pin-up material but I love him to bits. I love bigger/natural guys and really hate the myth of us all wanting washboard abs and perfect bodies; it certainly is a big part of it for the majority but don't lose confidence over it.

heh, I dunno how much you know about gay lifestyle but you might be what's known as a bear - more masculine, muscled, well-padded, straight acting. There's a whole subculture around it and it's very popular, so I wouldn't worry too much about your chances Wink

Also, while gay lifestyle is seen as being quite narrow, there tends to be a lot of different groups - you just have to think which applies best to you; like whether you like going out, clubbing, meeting people. You might be the opposite and be happy with your buddies, drinks, and videogames. Just kinda look at what's right for you and don't think you have to fit into any special clique.

WIshing you all the best, keep posting *hugs*
Genersis Wrote:We're a diverse bunch.
Us Queer.:tongue:

Just like straight people.
We come in XXS XS S M L XL XXL XXL. and so on.

And i'm sure quite a few browse the larger sizes.:biggrin:

This made me giggle.

To be on topic, shallowness is not determined by sexual orientation. It's all a personality thing. Smile
To be completely honest, I have quite a few gay friends and none of them are THIN.
They all seem to be more interested in personalities, views, and common interests than anything. Sure, they like a good looking guy, but they're not harsh to judge.
Did you just use me as an example? HOW RUDE.


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