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Stop promoting non posting.
I tried posting something in the "Need your advice" and it has to be approved by a moderator. I reply to a thread that I made and it has to be approved by a moderator. I post to any thread more than once and it has to be approved by a moderator. There are so many threads I CAN'T participate in because of my limited account. I know why these rules exist, but at the same time they promote non-posting.
Once you're past 100 post you shouldn't have these problems.
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I know but its still ridiculous.
Post in word game threads for now, until you reach your 50 or 100 posts. I think it is 50 that moderation of your posts stop.

Understand that there is a good reason for this 'rule', it prevents bashers and haters from hijacking the board and spamming all the threads with hateful crap.

Its not you being singled out here, it is a a safety precaution which is a necessary evil do to the world we live in.
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They need a thread for spamming your posts until you get the amount you need, in order not to be moderated.
You do know you're only 16 posts away form that not happening anymore, right?

It only needs to reach 50 posts and then the messages don't get moderated anymore..

It's just a way Andy has of knowing how the person in question is

and usually the randomly moderated posts appear within 24 hours or so..unless you said something like "death to all"..

maybe it should read somewhere in the joining part that this happens...(don't remember if it does)

It is frustrating, best to not make big posts till past 100 at least.
Once you hit 100 posts, or 50... whichever... your mind will never wander over to this perceived injustice again (unless, of course, you decide to delete your account in a moment of huff'n'puff, followed by the customary GaySpeak triumphant return ™ in which lowly beginnings you once more find yourself).
Don't be mean.
it is a method to keep trolls and the like out of the forum. If you cant be patient enough to post 100 times in various different places, then to bad.
The number of trolls and haters is severely low on this forum, so I don't see a reason to change how things work.
Invade word games :biggrin:

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