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So like i've been thinking and i know this may sound stupid since i'm only a teen, but like guys that fake being straight iwas one of them for awhile, and i had no problems no bullying nothing and now since i've come out i feel like the whole world is agasint me, and i don't know what to do...

- Jesse
That's the price you pay for being yourself and different...

But I think that things will settle down in time. And you will find the people that will support you. You just need to look for them and try not to take the world that cannot understand you too seriously.
Thanks for the advice =)
For many years, I believed I was straight. Then all of a sudden when I was in junior high school, I was strangely attracted toward two boys and I couldn't believe it. This never happened when I was with girls and I was told my whole life that I should get a girlfriend. Well I tried having a girlfriend, that didn't work at all.

In time, I know things will get better and you'll find support from people.
Jesse you are lucky believe it or not you have come out at an early age. I denied my true self ( the fact that i am gay) until I was 25 and it was hard very hard to admit and accept it .

READ my signature and you will know what to do
I got slagged by straights and SOME gays for being bi. But you keep on keeping. you'll be fine. Don't let anybody dictate who you are.

You're surprised they didn;'t bully you when you wasn't out, it's a bit obvious because they didn't know. There are people who won't be bothered by it but you here the cries of the haters more than the supporters (metaphorically)

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