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Strange crushes
I'll admit it, I've found my new psychologist to be cute <3! I also found my friend's stepdad very hot! What are your strange crushes? Wink
Gay is happiness
My last boss at the bar.
One of the nephews of my moms boy-friend :-S (24)
The guy who always sits next to me in german class, and he is str8 Smile)
When I was younger, I used to have a bit of a crush on Robin Hood from the Disney cartoon. Can't get any stranger than that Confusedmile:
i havent real;ly felt a crush on anyone to be honest its wierd lol
Prince Harry lol.:redface:
My name is Ben and I love
you all this much.

We are the Smilies and we
love Ben.
I also found my grade 5 teacher really cute. :redface:
Gay is happiness
It's not so strange to others but to me it's really strange because i shouldn't feel that way about a friend but I really do.

So a friend.
Crushes I don't do often. Sure nice this or that body part, great this or that aspect of their personality but, I know people too well, they aren't as good as my imagination could make them out to be and, chances are, if I ever really got to know them as a partner, all the bad parts would come out and, I probably wouldn't want to deal with that because, except for a few people in this world, they haven't survived anything close to what I have and wouldn't appreciate my candid, sometimes blunt, opinion of them or my interest in getting them to want to fix themselves.

If I crush on anyone, it's someone that is more than at a safe distance, and whom I would never so much as wave to, never knowingly be anywhere online that they were, never encounter in any way.

So, the oddest would be a guy from an old porn flick called "The X Factor" I don't know his name, but every time he had sex, someone he knew was healed and, for me, he would be one cool partner.
wintermoon Wrote:When I was younger, I used to have a bit of a crush on Robin Hood from the Disney cartoon. Can't get any stranger than that Confusedmile:

Oh well, at least it wasn't Maid Marian. :biggrin:
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
I have a secret Crush... so Shhhh! :tongue:

Well, it's not like you'll know who I'm talking about, especially since you don't live on my fabulous island Wink lol.

Anyway... I used to see this guy on my 8:45am bus to College[in the beginning of the year/end of last year],which was actually like 10minutes away lol... I don't like walking guyzzz!! :frown: lol . He would already be on the bus in the 3rd to 5th row and I would either sit right in front of him or right behind him [yes, I am a stalker lol].

And when I would sit in front of him, he would have to reach from behind me, practically wrapping him arm around me... okay not wrapping around me... just next to me, but he did in my little fantasies lol... to press the bell to get off. And I would squeal like a my head lol

But when I stopped going to College[long story], I stopped seeing him, which was pretty sad. But I occasionally saw him when I went into town on my "many" errands/expeditions, which it would be somewhat hard not to, as our island is only like 22Sq Miles long and Town[Hamilton] is like where everyone is[unless you're not in Town LoL].

But now working at the Zoo, I catch a super early bus, at about 7:15am in the morning, because Zoo-life starts early Wink, so I was hoping to see him, but he still catches the 8:45am bus to work[I think he works in construction or something like that], so I still miss him, but for the past two weeks, he's been catching the 5:25pm bus home, which is the one that I catch and if not, the last bus at 5:45pm[the last bus that goes by my house and consequently his house as well, which I assume is nearby. Other buses run later, but they drop me off further from my house lol], so I almost always seem him on my way home, unless he catches a later bus or a ride from someone.

So now I see him on my way home and I secretly steal glances at him :redface: Imu2 . I feel like a 12year old girl at a Justin Bieber Concert lol...

He's gotta be like in his early 20's. His gaze lasts alittle longer than usual when I see him now, but I'm not sure if it's cause he's interested or because of the Feathers I wear on my shirt...that are rather large and from the birds at the Zoo lol. Children always ask me for them, but other than that, I never really got a reaction to them before, so...

I just have a big crush on this guy and he's just lucky I'm not the stalker type, or I'd be at his window, fogging it up with my breathes of need and then bust in, tie him up and have my way with him... wait... what are we talking about? I blacked out lol.

He just makes me blush like a girl[no offense gurls Wink], but it sucks he's like 95% straight. That other 5% is maybe curiosity... hopefully Biggrinflip

...I swear crazy i'm not? Disoriented

[Did I say 'lol' alot or what?... good lord, it must be love! lol Wink ]
I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

[Image: Bhq8UAkIUAEuRRT.jpg]

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