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Strip Clubs
A room full of baying people, men, women or both is so undignified and I hate it. I suppose some places are silent and that is just creepy.
I'm not to into the open sex thing - straight, bi, gay - open public displays of sex and lust don't do anything for me.

If however I could manage to get my partner to use the dance bar in our own bedroom...... :biggrin:
TimmyThink Wrote:I took the simpler route , I just ignored the text completely an stayed home and played Fallout.

Right! That amounts to being NOT BOTHERED, which is one way to do it... Good for you, for declining in a passive aggressive manner, lol. Confusedmile:
that's the beautiful thing about phones, ya don't have to answer them.
Isn't it surprising that not a lot of people know that?!
I have never been to a strip club... it would be so uncomfortable for me.
I went to a club in Liverpool once where they had a male stripper on Mondays. I swear by the goddess that I didn't go for that reason.

Anyway, I was dragged from the crowd and the stripper committed unspeakable roooooderies with me under a Union Flag!

I am shame-faced, that is no way to treat the flag of your nation!
I didnt mind going to strip clubs when I was in the closet. The key is to go when they are busy. If not you will have girls walking up to every five minutes trying to sell you a lap dance. They get ticked if you ignore them. The whole ambiance is fake. The number one job of a stripper is to strip you of all the cash you have. She will flirt with you and make you feel like you are the greatest man in the world if you have the cash. The mixed drinks are over priced and watered down. The lap dances are nice but they only last one song and you pay $25-$30. Waking up the next morning sucks after you went to the strip club. A person can easily drop $100 on drinks and strippers. You wake up hung over with no girl and that much less cash in your pocket. I only go on special occassions. Although I have yet to go to a male strip club. Might have to check it out though.
Ben, the same thing will happen in a male strip club, the same rules apply... They'll strip you of your money and you'll wake up the next morning, hungover (and not with someone hung by your side...) and with that much less cash in your wallet.
I agree. Still would like to check it out though.

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