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Students Protest "Don't Say Gay" Bill
Thousands of Florida Students Walkout to Protest ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

By Jacob Ogles - March 03 2022

Students across Florida have organized class walkouts on Thursday to protest the proposed “don’t say gay” bill under consideration by the Florida Legislature after an image spread on social media calling for students and schools to participate in the statewide action.

A student at Colonial High School in Orlando, Dariel Cruz Rodriguez, shared footage from a protest held at the school. In it, a female student takes to the microphone to denounce the legislation, that would limit discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation in Florida schools that aren’t deemed as “age appropriate” by the state.

“Schools are a safe space away from home, especially for LGBTQ+ students who don’t receive that kind of support at home,” she said. “Gender identity is not taboo. It’s not something we should ignore or take away from our primary schools.”

And that’s not the only place protests are occurring.
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!
If only they would vote.
trump emboldened the religious right who also seem to beleive "God" sent him. This and so many other things are a result of that.

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