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Hey all!

I have two exams tomorrow that I don't feel overly prepared for :'( as I was studying, I was sobering how you guys have in the past or still do go about studying?

I typically type up my lectures, read over them again and then retype in a condensed form; always one page or less. For readings, I take notes and then make mind maps relating all the concepts.

What do you guys do?
I used to draw stuff that reminded me of what I wanted to study as a comic book or so. It worked for me.
For lecture classes I tend to do something similar. I read, then rework notes taken in class with the text.
I prefer physically writing over typing because I can visualize where something is on a page when I need to recall the info. and kind of see it. I do kind of map things out and I get better visual recall if I've physically drawn it out.
A lot of my stuff is applied so I have to understand it and be able to use it. Mapping out systems/processes, how they are integrated, effect others, etc. is kind of what I do.
Good luck tomorrow, mine start Friday.
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Thanks guys! And good luck azulai!
I just do the questions on the textbooks until I feel like I've grasped the information down. Then review the class notes that have information that was only taught in class. Then be ready.

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