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Subtle Advertising?
Do what ever you feel comfortable doing , but be aware of the idiots out there.
I agree with SlipKnot and Mum, do what makes you feel comfortable, and I would add proud to be who you are. But be mindful of how people CAN and MAY react. Other than my ex wife, kids, and parents, everyone I have come out to have been people I have considered very good friends and confidants. And each of them, with the exception of one, has been extremely supportive of me. Almost like a new family in many aspects. The one exception to that statement simply said she could not condone my choice but she would not judge me for it and would still be my friend. So all I can say is best of luck in everything friend and if you need some one to listen (read?) we're always here! :biggrin:
Thanks Princealbertofb for the welcome!Confusedmile:
Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:My partner - or whatever you want to call it - used to have a rainbow 'apple' as in Apple Computers which was versatile some would snicker and point at the 'gay' others would snicker and say 'God, can't do anything with a Mac!'....

There's another one I didn't think of, and I've been a Mac user since 1984 with my 512k when they first came out. Now if only I bought a bunch of stock in Apple back then.:frown:

To everyone else that replied- Thanks a bunch. I've pretty much decided against putting anything on my vehicles that advertises my sexual preference in fear of retaliation from bigots,homophobes,etc. I once had a 1982 Fiat X1/9 (car was 8 years old at the time with 19k miles in showroom condition) that was keyed up and down both sides, without me provoking anyone. In that case maybe some insecure person was just jealous of a neat car, or thought it was a Ferrari???

As for coming out. Mom knows (Dad has passed on, but I know he would have supported me with any decision I made) as well as another close friend who is openly gay with a long term partner, so that's 3 that I know of.

The way that I've decided to handle this is on a need to know basis. Those who need to know that I'm gay,if I'm asked. I will tell, and those who don't need to know, Let em keep on guessing.
Thanks all!
This is a great forum!!
I think that's a wise decision, Don't hide it or lie about it, but don't flaunt it either. In my book that's out of the closet. Sure, over time most who live near you and work with you or, socialize with you will know, but if you aren't intentionally flaunting it, it is rarely a big deal to anyone - except maybe the women that had hoped for a chance with the hot gay guy Smile
Glad to know you like it here.
It may be a bit late to toss my thoughts in, but I did something rather similar. I always draw on my shoes with sharpies, and one day when I was with my friend sammi she said I should put a rainbow on one of my shoes. So I put a huge rainbow on my left shoe, without even thinking that people might consider it to be gay. When I realized that I freaked out a little and tried to get it off my shoe, but sammi told me if people ask to just tell then she drew it. Which is what I did and nobody gave me any flak about it

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