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Sun Tzu - The Art of War
In my ever expanding exploration of all things literary, celebrated and/or culturally impactive, I've developed a pull towards Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' which is I'm told an exceptionally influential tome.

I was wondering if anyone here's read it and if you have, what you thought of it?

Love & stuff,

Ky xx
I'm afraid I'm not that well read, sorry... I'm not even sure that war is an art... War is a bloody mess.
You MUST read it.

Something you're going to appreciate through out your life.
princealbertofb Wrote:I'm afraid I'm not that well read, sorry... I'm not even sure that war is an art... War is a bloody mess.

This is exactly what Con Tzu (Confucius) said when he first heard of Sun Tzu's 'Art of War'.
Sun Tzu, the author of 'Art of War', died at old age as a pacifist.

In his prime, he was the supreme commander of a mighty nation in ancient China. He waged wars all over the land, and he was victorious everywhere.

He had a 'Way' to fight wars, and it had nothing to do with how to use weapons or kick ass Kung-Fu moves.

It was about how to win the war.

Sun Tzu believed that while war was unpleasant, it was inevitable. People will always be waging wars, and apparantly he was right. There's always some kind of war going on somewhere on Earth.

So he believed that if anyone fought a war, he must win.

Because losing is not an option...

So he studied how past wars were waged... what was the reason for victory... what was the reason for defeat... And he studied how to control the army... how to manipulate the enemy... how to organize men... how to attack... how to defend... how to escape... how to fight.

And he compiled a book, and that is the 'Art of War'.

For him, the 'War' he fought involved thousands of men and the kind of scene you'd expect to see in one of the Chinese movies.

But for us modern readers, who don't normaly go around waging wars with swords and arrows, we can apply the idea to the wars in our daily lives.

Like the war on the road between drivers. Road rage!

Or the war in business. War with your competitors. War with your customers. War with your own business partners.

War with your brothers and sisters. War with your parents. War with your children.

I have to go to the mattresses. I'm going to war.

I'm not sure it's the kind of war I really want at the moment, in fact, I'm pretty sure it's not, but I have to do it, because it's an order.

God... I hate wars...

Trying to impose my will on others.

Trying to make someone do something against their will.

Trying to convince them that it's 'do or die' time.

God... I really hate wars...
I'm not a pacifist, so I still believe in violence. I believe that there are times when violence is needed to solve the problem. So if I feel that violence is what is needed, I do not hesitate to use that.

But the question is, how far am I willing to go?

Will I go as far as killing the guy?

And I'm afraid I might.

Why? Because otherwise I wouldn't go to war in the first place. If I'm going to goto war with rubber bullets, I might as well shoot myself with a real gun. So if I HAVE to goto war, I'm going with my guns firing real bullets.

That's why I don't want to goto wars.
Weelllll first of all, back after quite a while away from here.

Update being: Have now read The Art of War, and definitely agree that it was worth reading. Cheers for the advice on this one.

Muchos gracias.

Ky xx
Great! You've read it...

I'm not sure which 'Art of War' you read.. the original text (in English) I presume...

Have you read the biography of Sun Tzu? You know... the story of his life?

It's also very worth reading. Especially if you've read his book.

Lol yeah, the original translated, unfortunately don't yet count any variations of Chinese among my languages. Laugh

Will probably have a read of the biography after the holidays, virtually no free time at the mo.


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