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Sweeney Todd
I just bought the Sweeney Todd special edition DVD from HMV in their sale for £7!!!!! Xyxthumbs

Have watched it (I did see and enjoy it in the cinema) and it is fab - Johnny Depp and Helena Bohnam Carter do a fab job of both acting and singing. I was warned by the saleswoman at HMV that it was a musical!! I didnt know when going to the cinema actually, but apparently they've had a few returns from people who just wanted a gory film!!


I know its gory but I didn't find it terribly scary - all the gore was easy to predict - the nastiest bit IMO was at the end where he dances her into the open oven, but it was predictable from the onset of that scene.

*********************SPOILER OVER**********************

I thought Batman (dark knight) was scarier/nastier and am therefore surprised that DK was a 12a certificate and ST was an 18!!!

Anyone else seen the film and enjoyed it? Or otherwise.
Agreed........ I like this one too, there were a few clips that made me jump but on the whole not an overly scary film

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it made by the makers of batman as it has that same dark feel about the film

Sweeney Todd was a Tim Burton directed film (Tim Burton and Johnny Depp - what a team!!!!!)

Dark Knight was directed by Christopher Nolan

The writers were also different.

There may be some connection but I wasn't aware of one
Oh okay thanks for that

I was completely wrong then Confusedmile:
Too much of blood splashing for my liking Rolleyes wouldn't want to watch the film again but i would see the play. I agree though Johnny Depp and especially imo Helena Bohnam Carter were excellent.Thumbgrin

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I loved Sweeny Todd. When I saw it in theatres, there is a scene where Alan Rickman brings the young man who fancies his daughter into his parlor, and on the walls are paintings from a house in Pompeii called "the Villa of the Mysteries", when I saw that, I spoke quite loudly "OMG! the Villa of the Mysteries, awesome!" only to get a stare from two elderly women sitting in front of me... :biggrin:
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