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Tarnished Locks
[SIZE="3"]of but flesh, i seek lit candles
but find dried wick & ash.
i seek audiences but find
no one.

i seek broke piano keys
and strings of chords
only to find

wheres the hare to follow?
to take me to the otherside
beneath a tree,

thought to be dead
face down in a pillow.
arisen like the Christos
with more sins to swallow.

the water bearer
too full, the scales will tip
on to scorpio's tail
while the capricorn loses

the chessboard insues
scuff marks from many checkmates
in the blink of 'er eyes,
we see days,
she sees

ramblings of a mad man
crazed with bitter sentiement.
still in search of candles
a lit.
Love it .Great job.
Creatively done; I love the opening stanza. Thanks for sharing!

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