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Would this make a good tattoo choice? I am very fascinated by mesoamerican Indian culture and I really want atleast one Aztec / Mayan inspired tattoo. I got one special tattoo that I would dream to have but I would have to find a mastered tattoo artist and charge lots of money which I do not have at the moment, but I really like what that symbol stands for and how it looks. But where should I place it? Where would it look best would you say?
I was thinking your back, it looks like it would be a pretty big tatto or maybe on one side of your chest.
Its kind of to spacy imo for being a full back tattoo, but chest would work
This might be an odd idea, but something like that would look good on your hand. It would have to be about the size of the pic, but it would have a certain quality to it. Just my suggestion. It would also work well on a shoulder blade, or upper arm, or even the back of your calf.

You definetely want a good artist, make sure to shop around because everyone is different, and will charge different prices. Make sure they are clean and go over healing procedures with you.
I was thinking on the wrist
well when you turn old and saggy i think just about any tatoo choice would be a bad choice:biggrin:
I was thinking over pictorial or shoulder I like the modern version of the ying &yang thing going on.
Any free style tattoo artist should be able to do it , being black ink it won't be that expensive.
reallly like that design...maybe on one of your shoulder blades.
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!
Aester Wrote:Would

That would make a good tattoo, but I don't think it would necessarily need to be a master artist to do the work. A decent technician with a steady hand could do that. It is not all that detailed and it is black and white. It also doesn't have to be that large. You could put it practically any place within reason. Just for some comparison, here are some tattoos which require a master and/or a lot of space:
No... My dream tattoo would need to be mastered. Its the red colorful Aztec calendar surrounded by a jade Quetzalcoatl (Feathered serpent). That one doesn't Indeed. Not sure of the shoulder cause if i am going to get that tattoo (Calendar) it has to be on one of my shoulders although Smile

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