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Tesla: Were the ancient Egyptian Pyramids power stations?
(11-04-2020, 11:47 AM)andy Wrote: Don't scare Tom away peeps! Wink


I'm not a fan of the Reptilian conspiracy theories as rolling eyes can be easily faked via CGI! Big Grin

Well, my intent is certainly not to run @tomtom or anyone off. I am very critical about a lot of documentaries. Not saying someone isn't entitled to believe what they want to, but to be critical of any television, or person for that matter that makes bold claims or claims that are against the common consensus.

That being said I will count myself out of this conversation going forward.
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(11-04-2020, 11:47 AM)andy Wrote: Have you ever wondered why we only have historical records from 5000 years. What happened before that? LOL I think the human race is a lot older than we are being told.

There was certainly something going on back then; Gobekli Tepe in Turkey has been carbon dated to around 12,000BC. This was built at a time before we are told that civilisation existed. Gobekli Tepe certainly wasn't built by hunter gatherers, it's way too sophisticated. A certain level of organisation and commitment would have been needed, over time. Much of it is still to be excavated.

The Sphinx has been dated (by some) to around that time too, based on evidence of the apparent visible water erosion.
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