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Texting people when pissed!!!
How many of you have done it????

I do it all the time.....

Whats the worse text you have ever text to some one??

Me I told I mate that I was gay, the mate was the sort of you should never tell that you are gay too lol!!!
[Image: no03.gif] i don't do mobile phones atall!

Phil! Wrote:[Image: no03.gif] i don't do mobile phones atall!
Remybussi OMG, never had one either... when I am mobile that means I dont want anyone to be bothering me... put down the phones and enjoy reality Scatter
... and I don't do drunk, so that's not happened to me :redface:.

I do GET loads of lovely texts from my mates when they're drunk, some of which I think they MIGHT be a bit embarrassed about sending me if they were sober, but they're mainly of the "you're a good man ... I love you so much" variety, so I don't want them to stop ... hehehehehe.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
I do drunken texts and drunken phone calls!!! I think Shadow and Twazzle have both experienced this! :redface:

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
lloll @ WLM

Theres going to be some argering texting to night when I'm pissed thats what I know!!
ive sent a text to my mother bu accident saying i cant wait to get into bed with ya... My ex boyfriends number was above my mothers name...

When I was younger I used to send a few drunken texts to friends, but with the onset of maturity they've passed into history Smile

I did tell a friend if he fancied a threesome in a text, but he replied saying "are you drunk?!"

Its never been raised since.
Serfdom Wrote:Its never been raised since.

Fuguratively speakin of course! :tongue:

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