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To all you Yanks have a nice Thanksgiving.
We don't celebrate it in the UK but have a good one :-)
Happy Thanksgiving - may everyone take a special moment to tell someone you are grateful for how much they mean to you. Smile
Happy Thanksgiving USA
We don't celebrate that here, but happy thanksgiving! I hope everyone can think of something really amazing to be thankful for Smile
It's not something that is celebrated in Australia either. The closest thing to Thanksgiving that Australia celebrates would be Anzac Day on 25th April each year where we pause to remember and thank those who have valiantly defended Australia. It's a day that we share with New Zealand (Anzac = Australia & New Zealand Army Corps).

The signifigance of the 25th of April is the this is the day that our allied forces landed at Gallipoli Peninsula and Australia and New Zealands first major Military actions.

The day is used to remember those Australian's and New Zealanders who have fallen in all wars since the landing of Gallipoli in 1915, and to 'give thanks' to those that have defended our shores and our freedom.

Happy Thanksgiving USA
Happy turkey day.
happy thanksgiving to everyone
if a nation can celebrate then go for it - happy thanksgiving
yes great give thanks for poor stupid natived that kept us from dieing during the winter andteaching us how to survive off the land so we can steal all the land since talking to them and finding that the great sperit owns everything an makes everything work .
so thank you for revealing we can steal the land and sell it and kill off all thoes pesky indians
so we can then decide that we dont need a forgin goverment to taake from us we wre bad enough to taxeveryone and not give a share to others we are greddy enouth to keep it for outselves
So yes be greatful that we have filled this country with slaves and here is hopeing they never realize
that they are the sslaves and not the masters themselves.

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