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That piece of me. (Poetry)
Should I take it back?

I stand beside you and my face says something
But my soul is burning to the point that I do not know how I'm still here

I know you're the same
This pressure is so strong but I'm keeping my promise.
That when I meet you again,
I would not demise

I'm asking how you were ... when I actually know it
You are asking what I did ... but in many ways I showed it

You keep talking and smiling, but I know you don't want to smile
The seconds passes, and with the frustration my memories came unhide ...

I knew that you were not good for me since the very beginning
But I was not expecting anything.
I know that you did not like to feel something for me.
In fact I knew how strong you tried to reject me.

We were poles apart, strong, well done, and independent beacons
I did not want it and you did not like it
But we were magnets in our inner

So when we first met, our egos didn't met, they collide
But like good fighters neither of us decided to hide

I'm still remember how you like to take our manhood together
Meanwhile you were staring at my eyes
And how our skins merge togheter like platinum and gold alloy.

In fact I was like pale, cold, and dark, like winter
And you were like bronze, gold, sunshine, springer

But you decided and I accepted
You reached and found, while I was rejected.
We almost had love but you decided for progression
So I apart you from myself to avoid your transgression

And here you are again
Asking how I am to maybe know if I'm still like back then.

How you became part of myself, inner as my own soul
But how did you flew away causing my disruption
But in the same way I made my own construction

So now that you're here again, just want to make you realize
I don't want it, because I will forever know that it was your prize.

— Shawn
A good poem Shawn!
An eye for an eye
Dan1980 Wrote:A good poem Shawn!

Thanks, although I wrote it in spanish and then translated it to english, I had to change a few original words to made it rhyme...

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