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The 20 most and least gay-friendly countries in the world
It just got a little bit better to be gay in the US. But what about the rest of the world? A recent study shows which countries have gay pride and which close their doors to the LGBT community

A new report from the Pew Research Center asked people in 39 different countries one question: "Should society accept homosexuality?" The 37,653 who took part in the survey responded with "Yes," "No," or declined to answer.

The countries with the highest percentage of "Yes" or "No" votes show which countries are the most and least tolerant of homosexuality.

While the survey certainly leaves out some of the world's most and least gay-friendly nations, a trend does surface within the data. Overall, there tends to be greater acceptance of gays in the more secular and affluent countries.

How did America fare? The US falls closer to the middle with 60 percent saying yes and 33 percent saying no. GlobalPost compiled a list below of the most and least accepting countries below:

Spain: 88%

Germany: 87%

Canada: 80%

Czech Republic: 80%

Australia: 79%

France: 77%

Britain: 76%

Argentina: 74%

Italy: 74%

Philippines: 73%

Nigeria: 98%

Jordan: 97%

Senegal: 96%

Uganda: 96%

Ghana: 96%

Egypt: 95%

Tunisia: 94%

Indonesia: 93%

Palestinian Territories: 93%

Kenya: 90%

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