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The A-List: New York
The A-List: New York was a hot show for Logo.
Everyone had an opinion. Even the Washington Post. What's yours?

So what was everyone's favorite or least favorite moment?

Who did you relate to most/least?

Over all did you like the show or did you hate it?

There are alot of different opinions on this show so what's yours?

Personally, it is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed this show.
It reminded me of my friends in Ann Arbor, MI. (College Town)
My least favorite person was Rodney. Reichen only fed to his helplessness.
I loved Derek. People call him two-faced but I see exactly where he comes from.
Austin was being pretty immature. Derek manned up and became Austin's friend when he realized that he shared a view point of Rodney with Austin.
I love Ryan because out of all of them, he was pretty much the role model everyone looked up to.
I hated Rodney's constant complaining and whining.
Reichen needs to stick to the jewelry and leave the singing to those with talent in show business.
Derek... I know you are looking for real love that won't flake out.
Pick me! Wink

It reminded me of a snake pit. The only person I liked was the photographer guy whose father visited him.

I cant' say I hated any of the rest of them but I can say I was embarrassed for all of them.

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