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The Best Thing About Your Favorite Mythology
I have 2 favorite mythologies, Greek and Norse, Egyptian, not so much, but I like how they meld animal figures with human ones and I think that is what I like abt it. In Greek, it is a very confusing form of mythology, lots of mythological figures confused with one another, but one thing I find solid abt Greek mythology is the Trojan War, I think it is the only surety in this mythology. In Norse, the thing I like abt it is the characters are not as promiscuous as the characters found in Greek mythology, and also not as lewd as those found in Egyptian mythology, I say lewd, because there is one god in Egyptian mythology, Atum I consider quite lewd, in how ancient writers describe him as a creator god who "synthesized" the world through "masturbating." Just wanted to know your take on this guys, please enumerate your favorite mythology and describe what you like best abt it.
It's fun how Greek Mythology is basically a big ol' soap opera.
I like how in Greek mythology the gods are more petty, vindictive and childish than humans.
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]
My favorites are Greek and Norse myth. Tongue The stories just seem to draw you in I think at least, and the gods were always involved in one way or another if memory serves me right as Insert said. Tongue Greek myth in my opinion was more kind of dramatic and in depth. Norse myth was unique as well, with Valhalla and the accompanying myth's. Smile Just felt like rewatching the Asgard arc in Saint Seiya. lol Tongue
I had a vision of Freya once when I was a kid that changed my life, so I have a natural affinity for the Scandinavian, but I find many mythologies fascinating....especially fictional (that is, intentionally made up for entertainment purposes) ones (the Lovecraftian as just one example).

While more in an entertaining sense, I guess I prefer the Cthulhu (Lovcraftian) mythos as it matches with my existentialist outlook which includes the idea that the earth is but a grain of sand in an uncaring universe:

Btw, for those who haven't seen it, I thought I'd share this rap battle (or flyting) between Thor and Zeus:

This is brilliant on so many levels, and those who know a lot about the respective mythologies, history, and current events and pop culture will get the most out of it.
I had forgotten about H.P. Lovecraft, and Cthulhu which is ironic sense I was watching a related movie about that the other night. lol Tongue Definitely agree, those are some great myth's and stories. Plus it really defines gothic horror.
...also, you have yet to see a movie based on Norse mythology, maybe because it's too "noble" to be made and passed down into a clichee? x
I love how in most Japanese folklore and mythos, even the “悪魔と鬼”(Demons/Devils and Ogres) are often polite. They even use the character for Ogre “鬼” in a game of Tag to mean "It", as in "you're It".

In contrast tho to the Caribbean and African mythos, as ours are typically pretty harsh, tho mind you;

We have a saying that I love: "Dont let the birds get your Hair".

Because, according to lore, if a bird builds a nest with your Hair, you will go insane.
i am mostly only familiar with Greek and Roman mythology (which are, of course, related) and, to a lesser extent, with the Celtic mythology.

what i love about the Greek myths is that they are pretty much an infinite source of inspiration for the arts/creativity. they were meant to be interpreted subjectively. this is why there are so many different variations on the same themes and within the same stories/context.

also because they still have the capacity to be understood in the 21st century context.

and it's not just about gods. it's often about mortal men, like this one:

[Image: Persee-florence.jpg]
''Do I look civilized to you?''

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