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I won't pretend to completely understand it .. nor from what I see does anyone ... but we are making policies based on this economic factor that we all recognize at the least in the US to be some kind of barometer of our economy

when it dropped 777 points after the smart ones voted NO on the bailout

everyone said .. you see ... it's collapsing

noone seems to be paying enough attention to the fact that it continued to drop after they approved a bill... the bill was RIDICULOUS!

and now today they try to claim that this is the rebound and it hit bottom with a rise of over 900 points

very little mention that it is a holiday and trading was extrememly light

let's see what happens tomorrow

and I hope the rest of you do not suffer the recession that the US is stumbling into!

Yesterday's news broadcasts were predicting recession by Christmas.

Joyeux Noël à tous.
Yesterday the stock markets reacted well and there was an upsurge

I haven't seen the news today

Down 77 today

not bad ....

but the market swung over 800 points today

it's out of control

noone knows what to do

and we're already in a recession .. they won't start talking about it honestly until after Christmas as the retail market depends so on that holiday

Essentially the government is taking over our financial markets and companies. MY belief is that this is a VERY bad thing. They can't even fix a pothole and we're going to hand our entire lives to them?

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