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The Divas
I think a thread for The Divas is in order because when you look back...collectively the Divas have done more for the gay community over the years than just about anyone else...from Judy Garland to Lady I thought a tribute thread to them would be cool.....

One of my favorites is Jennifer Holiday...I saw her in Dreamgirls and also have seen her live on one other occasion. I always thought she was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen ...this is her performance from the Arista Records tribute to AIDS...I think it was the end of the 80s or early 90s?...I remember watching it the night it was on and wishing I had bought tickets to see it live....probably my favorite single Diva performance.....ever....she dedicates it to Michael Bennett who was a GREAT talent and the man responsible for Dreamgirls and A Chorus Line amongst many other accomplishments....sadly he died in 1987 from AIDS

Jennifer Holiday....And I Am Telling You....

My favorite Diva EVER is Chaka her. I have seen her with Rufus and solo many times and also met her....

She started in the early 70s and has been a major force going on FIVE DECADES!!!!

Sweet Thing (1975)

Tell Me Something Good (1974)

You Got The Love (1974)

At Midnight (1976)

Everlasting Love (1977) (My favorite)

Any Love (1980)

Im Every Woman (1978) She was the orignal performer...not Whitney Houston

I Feel For You (1984)

Through The Fire (1984) Check out the 80s hair:biggrin:

My Funny Valentine (1995) (My other favorite)

Never Miss The Water (1996)

Disrespectful (with Mary J Blige) (2007)

Chaka Khan Tribute.....

I hope to see her in 2012...and every year after that...she is worth every cent.
every city has their own too.
its just they run a different schedule than me. to easy to get pulled over going home at 3am.
Oh, picking a diva, picking a diva. Who could I possibly choose with so many. Wink

Well, I guess i will just have to go with the tigress, la voce de angela, la divina herself.

Lest we forget Miss Stevie Nicks.

Fleetwood Mac - "Dreams" 1977

Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon Live 1976 Stevie Nicks

Well, now we have some R &B/Soul (I think), some opera, and some rock divas, lets add country and Jazz.

Oh Divas!

I have to post about my favorite Diva, Madonna.

Madonna released her first single (Everybody) in 1983. Her first Top 10 single was "Borderline" and since 1984, she's had 37 top ten hits all together, and this number could climb with the release of future singles.

Madonna has long been a champion of the gay communty, her brother Christopher is gay. When the AIDS epidemic was huge, Madonna was a very visible supporter, donating her time and money for the cause. So much so, that a rumor quickly spread that Madonna had AIDS herself.

Here is a video for "Lucky Star", a video that gave us the "Madonna Look"......fishnets, wild hair, big bow, rubber bracelets and other jewelry.

Ironically, Madonna was pissed about this video. With her debut CD out (Madonna) the singles "Everybody", "Physical Attraction" and "Burning Up" were all big dance singles. The 4th single released, "Holiday" crossed over to the pop charts, getting to #16, and "Borderline" got to #10. That was supposed to be the last single from the album. However, over in Europe, "Borderline" flopped, so a quick video was shot for "Lucky Star" in an effort to give her another hit there.

MTV got their hands on "Lucky Star" and began to play the video in heavy rotation, so Sire records met with Madonna. She went in thinking that it was about her new CD "Like A Virgin", and then she was told the new CD was behing postponed until "Lucky Star" died out. Madonna felt that she had been working her debut CD for 2 years, and was antsy to get "Like A Virgin" out for release.

"Lucky Star" ended up being huge, getting to #4 on the Hot 100 chart, and helped push her "Madonna" Cd to over 4 million copies sold.

Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
Roberta Flack - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Ella fitzgerald - Mack The Knife

Liza Minnelli in her hit:

I forgot about this thread...I was gonna do Diana Ross before but it seemed like so much work Smile She is a major force in music now going on six decades and she was responsible for breaking down ALOT of walls ...along with the Supremes her sucess on the charts in the 60s rivals The Beatles and Elvis.....

I will just pick maybe of my favorite DR songs/performances...starting with her version of I Will Survive in West Hollywood......she has always been very openly supportive of GLBT peeps....she was Michael Jacksons Idol and mentor and she was the one who first introduced him to the world

I Will Survive...

Aint No Mountain High Enough

THE BOSS (Hell Yea!:biggrinSmile

Im Coming Out

Its My Turn

Trailer for Trevor..a film which inspired the Trevor Project with a Diana Ross "inspiration" throughout the film...(If you haven't seen is a geat film)

Kennedy Center Tribute to Diana Ross

Patti LaBelle tribute to Diana Ross (one of my favorites)

Do You Know Where You Are Going To....Theme From Mahogany

Lady Sings The Blues...Clip from the movie which was a tribute to Billie Holiday

Where Did Our Love Go

Baby Love

Someday Well Be Together from the Motown 25...the reunion of The Supremes

Love Child

..there is too much to list here ...she has a massive career and library of I will end it withher signature song...she make everyone sing this with her at every show

Reach Out and Touch


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