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The Falklands
It seem's the Argentine Hag, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, is AGAIN stirring up trouble with us over the Falkland Islands.

When will Argentina ever listen?

The Falklanders describe themselves as British, the have a vote every 10 years asking 'Do you wish to remain under British control'. always 100% yes.
The next vote is in March.

When Britain claimed the islands, Argentina didn't even know they existed.

Argentina constantly complains the United Kingdom fails to abide by United Nations rulings ordering negotiations with the Argies over the Falklands.

English law demands politicans act in the public interest.
The British, and Falklands public demand NO TALKS EVER.
PM Cameron has vowed to do anything in his power to protect the will of the Falklanders, and keep them British.

It is about time the Argies concentrated on their numerous human rights issues and abuses, and behaved themselves.
The Falklands are ours Marc. Smile the islanders want to stay under British rule.

Why do the Argies want them really?

Is it because of the massive oil field under the islands?

Of course not!
I'm not really that involved in the situation... but I don't like being left out of discussion... OH! I'll just pretend I know what I'm talking about!

Oh, yes, quite. I do agree. It's just a matter of time now.
Marc Wrote:Exactly.

Why do the Argies want them really?

Is it because of the massive oil field under the islands?

Of course not!

Last year was the 30th anniversary of the war.
It certainly was.

Also Madam President has an election this summer... and what happened to Margaret Thatcher after the Falklands war? So won another term as PM as a direct result of the war.
Oh! Just what the world needs, another bunch of dumb politians creating another dumb war all in the name of Job Creation.

Religion, oil and money - every war starts from here.
Argentina no more wants the Falklands than it does any other part of the UK. It lays claim to them occasionally to distract from economic problems at home and it suits us to rattle the sabre a bit because we're not short of economic problems of our own. They are an expensive luxury which we are happy to sustain, they are nearly a thousand miles from Buenos Aires and would be as much a burden to them as to us.

There is very likely oil down there which it would be hard to extract without the cooperation of local nations. Watch out for the politicians ruining what could be a financial bonanza for both countries by having a pissing competition instead of organising to exploit this valuable local resources.
A financial luxury, like Scotland then?

The UK isn't using the Falklands as a cover for anything.

Just 1 piece of information to prove this claim, and I will eat my hat.

Argentina is constantly bleating on because they still smart from the last ass kicking.

I believe he said Argentina is using it as a distraction from its many (especially economic) problems, and that would fit what my Argentine email friends have to say on the topic. (ETA: On second thought, looks like he's saying the UK is also using it as well.)

And btw, at least going by those 2 (and also from reading comments of an Argentine news site) it's not working, and some of what they said hint that they're not entirely willing to discount revolution, and unlike Americans who never experienced the horror of such political unrest as they have it actually means something when even they wonder if they'd be better off with forcibly removing the current government. Of course the government realizes how unpopular it is and is trying every cheap trick in the book to be accepted (however grudgingly) by their country again, including in making noise over the Falklands.

Not to say the UK doesn't have its own problems. (That said, one of my Argentine email friends wants to immigrate to the UK before it goes wholly to hell.)

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