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The Fight For Civil Rights must go on...
Althought this video is three years old, its message speaks to me, and to us in a way that should really leave some traces. Never should we be complacent about how good things are for the moment. The fight for equal civil rights will never be over while people are opposing this equality. Sean Chapin says it well in these two videos.

Hopefully, things have evolved more positively than we were witnessing in 2009, but this idea should always be at the back of our minds, that is, if we WANT those equal rights.
In France where possibly the LGBT groups are now mobilising for equality of treatment, Act-Up have asked Arielle Dombasle to make this video.
Her words at the end are: "We know how to call them names (ie insults) but do we know how to give them rights?"

Thanks for sharing these videos. I've come to the realization that I'm wasting too much of my time and not getting involved as I should. Although I'm on a journey to further expand my studies and knowledge, I could be doing so much more.

I used to be apart of an organization (unrelated to LGBT) about 3 years ago. We would hold several protests throughout the summer. I sure do miss the experience. The people I met and their opinions and thoughts were invaluable in carving and shaping my own ideas. I eventually disbanded from the organization since I felt that many of the people were fighting for the wrong reasons and playing the 'name blame game.' I grew as a person from that time and experience.

I can sympathize with Sean. The turnouts to the protests were small in number. I don't really question whether or not people really care about issues in this country anymore.
I truly believe that they indeed care, they are simply unsure of what power they possess as citizens.

Many don't know how to get organized or of the importance of taking a stand on issues and voicing their concerns. I wonder if there is a manual on doing all this and more. Before you know it future generations will all forget how to comb their hair and tie their shoes Laugh1

There seems to be a lack of motivation in many people. Many simply wait around for a leader or figure head to show them the way. This mentality has to stop. The implications are dangerous. We are all capable of making a difference, and working together in a community is a great start.

Thanks again for this post!
I have seen some of these before, thank you for posting them nevertheless Confusedmile:

Its always good to have a morality booster when one is more than willing to give up on his own species anymore. I don't want to become that jaded, apathetic person who is so disgusted by the world we live in and the people that inhabit it that I just don't care about anything anymore. Its videos like these that remind me of my humanity and my desire to see a better tomorrow, despite any opposition that stands in my way. Again, thank you for posting these Confusedmile:
I suppose, as a teacher, part of my job is to challenge thinking and remind people of possible pitfalls. Thanks for your participation in whatever combat it is you think you can join. Our voices should count, if we don't want to be swallowed up whole.

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