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The Genius of Boredom
There's definitely one thing to be said for being bored senseless, you sometimes happen upon the best ideas you can have. Time to share and random genius ideas you have while battling boredom, preferably with the. background story.

What inspired this thread, i hear you not asking?? Well i'll tell you anyway...

So i was in my kitchen, and i was thinking What do i have to eat?? Answer - not much. Then i figured seeing as my flatmate seems to think it's okay to steal my orange juice, i'm gonna steal from his cupboards. What do i find but a packet of bourbon biscuits?? MMMmmmmmmmmmm... But i'm thinking sexually gratifying as they are, they look a bit bare. Three seconds of rummaging in the fridge produces a tub of philadelphia that's only in date by one day. So i figure, why not??

Moral of the story is: Philly + Bourbons = WIN :biggrin:

And i didn't pay for ANY of the food i used!! Double win!! Confusedmile:Confusedmile:

[Image: thpat.gif] thats one hell of a combo [Image: rofl.gif]
[Image: 3d_emoticon_thumbUp-1.gif] to free food tho i grow alotta fruit/veg so i know how satisfiyin' free food is!

Seriously. The words don't, knock, until and tried all spring to mind...

Dood imma knockin' [Image: bartshocked-1.gif]

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