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The Mini-Shop ...( selling the Brand New)
Hello everybody , this is some products that I want to try to sell online , I show its at this topic and I want to receive your opinions - thank you very much:Confusedmile:

Made by paper 100%:

[Image: hulashop25040812.jpg]

[Image: hulashop25040815.jpg]
[Image: hulashop2504087.jpg]
[Image: hulashop2504085.jpg]
[Image: hulashop2504086.jpg]

[Image: 53200837studiolx_1992_1.jpg]
Material : 100% bamboo.

[Image: IMG_1875.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1868.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1870.jpg]

[Image: 260808uomnzthanglong4-26-8-2008.jpg]

[Image: 260808vxkadthanglong8-26-8-2008.jpg]

[Image: 260808eoshvthanglong10-26-8-2008.jpg]

[Image: 260808bwdbbthanglong3-26-8-2008.jpg]

Handy handbag:

[Image: wuwbeAY002_(1).jpg]

[Image: sisi1205087.jpg]

[Image: sisi1205088.jpg]

[Image: big_60185_16_Tron_bo_Ice_Ag.jpg]

[Image: sisi1205085.jpg]
Hi, since you are not advertising or trying to sell anything and just want to have an opinion on your products i approved you post (it was automatically moderated) . Needed to clarify that we are not breaking forum rules Wink

I am not big in paper castles , women bags or ships but the look nice. Dont know how possible it will be to have better photos and side views.

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey




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