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The Smooch
I'm going to offer that we start a thread of
smoochy love songs
to be shared with other romantic people and also so you can play a song for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, best friend etc.... Please try and find a YouTube... If you are unable to post because of lack of initial posts, put up the artist and title and one of us will probably put the corresponding YouTube video up for you....

This title is subject to change as I've put it up in an older thread about disco... but I don't think it's its place...
I dedicate this one to my loved one... of course. :redface:
Stardust by composer Hoagy Carmichael from the Soundtrack of the film Beginners which I thoroughly recommend if you are romantic (and have a gay father) or just enjoy a good film. Was just listening to a Mel Torme version which was nice and smoochy.

And now a version that has always made my heart melt... Thanks, sweet Nat King Cole:

One of my all time favorites...I loved it in the 70s when Donny Hathaway sang it...unfortunately he commited sucide:confused:...and I love this guy Elliot Yamin singing it...he does justice to the song...

Here he is singing it live...his CD was the first AI CD I ever purchased

Who are you dedicating it to, East??? Anyone in particular?
princealbertofb Wrote:Who are you dedicating it to, East??? Anyone in particular? my honey. Pretty much all of them I dedicate to him. He knows this song is for him. I have alot of them.....
Does he read these boards, East?
Dedicated to my soul mate, husband and best friend, partner in crime and father of our two boys.

Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers

To my brother ,Forever in my heart.

Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares To You

Chicago - If You Leave Me Now

Thanks Rainbowmum.... very powerful songs. Confusedmile:

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