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The Trashmen
The Trashmen

[Image: trashmen_2.jpg]

OK, they're not a really major band. I guess you can say they're a one hit wonder too as well. However, they have a place in rock history. They're generally regarded as one of the first garage rock bands. What's their claim to fame? Surfin' Bird, of course! This song was a one of a kind song in the 1960's and it really captured the attention of millions. It has been covered countless amount of times by bands such as The Ramones and Sodom.

This is a good video, Surfin' Bird is performed and the dude talks about the history of the band.

Thanks to Family Guy (for the record, not a fan of that show... but it has its moments), this song has become massively popular again.
Lol. I haven't heard that song for a few years Smile

Funny how certain noises sum up an era or a performer. Baba-um-meh-meh ... can anyone think of other songs that used it other than Surfin' Bird or The Martian Hop?

Have not herd that song in 30 years
Wow I never even knew about The Martian Hop song until today! :eek: Which is a shock to me since I've listened to a lot of oldies in my time. It's an OK song, not that into it.

The best Trashmen song, in my opinion is Henrietta. It's a cover song and Jimmy Dee and the Offbeats originally recorded it in 1957. I like this song more than Surfin' Bird. Too bad this wasn't a hit for 'em.
aaahhh so theyre the ones that made the song bird is the word last time i heard that song when i was about 6 years old

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