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The Wishing Well
Hey there

I'm not sure if this violates the rules I don't mean to it's just a site that's pretty popular and I think something we can all enjoy.,

The site is called The Wishing Well and it is a space where men can post anonymous notes to men that have touched them in some way, get things off their chests and express the things that they don't feel they can verbally, or face to face.

The site is here: thewishingwell (the suffix is .us)

Anyone can post - there is no sign up or registration and the entire process is completely anonymous. There's thousands of notes covering every conceivable topic including plenty of HIV-related themes.

Everyone is welcome.


Nothing is ever completely anonymous on the Internet, let's not kid ourselves, but let's say that the general public needn't know who you are... and that's maybe enough of a safety net for many who are just shy and not (overly) scared of or cautious about being found out. Let's just remember that everything we write and publish (and even consult) can be found despite what evidence eliminators seems to promise. The only way to be completely anonymous would have to be staying silent. But who wants to stay silent in the face of injustice, prejudice and all other things negative?

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