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The beatifull lie
Heard this at a peotry reading last week. Its my favourate poem at the momment and it's written by a published poet who lives in my fair old city Cardiff. Its called the beatiful lie, hope u enjoy.

He was about four, I was so long ago.
In a garden, he'd done some damage
behind a bright screen of sweet peas
snapped a stalk, a stake, I dont recall,
but the Grandmother came and saw, and asked him
"Did you do that?"

Now, if she'd said why did you do that,
he'd never have denied it. She showed him
he had a choice. I could see in his face
the new sense, the possible. That word and deed
need not match, that you could say the world
different to suit you.

When he said "NO", I swear it was as moving
as the first time a baby's fist clenches
on a finger, as momentous as the first
taste of fruit. I could feel his eyes looking
through a new window at a world whose form
and colour weren't fixed

but fluid that poured like a snake, trembled
around the edges like northen lights, Shape shifted
at the spell of a voice. I could sense him filling
like a glass, Hear the unreal sea in his ears.

I think I made up the screen of sweet peas.
Maybe they were beans. maybe there was no screen
it just felt as if there should be somehow.
And he was my, no, i dont need to tell you that.
I know I made up the screen. And I recall very well
what he had done.

Sheenagh Pugh
Great poem Sparky. I can understand why it is one of your favs.

So simply told and such vivid images and feelings... then the twist at the end brings you into the writers mind... very interesting style and I thank you much for posting it.

Please keep posting more and if you dont mind maybe you can post more of your originals even if they arent ready for public viewing... I enjoy seeing how things develop...

thanks again
Sheenagh Pugh: Did well in with the words chosen. I second fjp999 would like to see some more of your originals.
Glad you liked the poem guys. I will post some of my new poems as soon as possible and some extracts of my short stories. Thanks for your'e encouragement in this department(specially you fjp999) its given me a real boost in the confidence I need to carry on writing(Which can be difficult). Big shout out to you all.

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