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The cancellation of Caprica and SGU and why it’s a loss to LGTB pop culture.
As you some of you guys may know by my constant bitching up there in the chatter box 2 of the my favourite sci-fi television got cancelled with a few weeks apart of one an other. This might not be a huge deal for most of you and even for me someone like me who loves sci-fi I’ll got pissed for a few hours, send out a few geek raging tweets, but than buy the DVD’s when they come out and brood an just over how they should still be on TV.

Now...with cancellation of these 2 shows we just didn’t lose two of the most well written, well acted and ethically challenging shows on TV, oh on we have also loss two very well written, well acted and ethically challenging gay characters on TV.

Sam Adama/Sasha Roiz

The special thing about Sam Adama is the fact that him being married to a man was nothing special. Sam’s being married to a man was never really discussed, in fact in the short life of the show the word “Gay” was never used. Sam had a husband an that was just the way it was, his marriage had no impacted on Sam an his role as an enforced for the Ha'la'tha. Sam’s hubby Larry may have not played a pivotal part in the show but Larry was there in the background an you never saw any drama between the two or anyone else in the Adama family.

Camile Wray/Ming-Na

Camile Wray is a interesting character, she was the highest ranking IOA member on Destiny an kind of a hard ass professional type. She often took it upon herself to stand up for the other civilians stranded on the Destiny. In an season 1 episode of SGU titled “Life” Wray uses communication stones to get into contact with Sharon her long time partner back on earth. This episode was handle all the same tenderness and respect of the straight relationships on the SGU. The episode also gave an insight into Wray’s life outside her life as a hard assed government bureaucrat.

You may say yeah but “well there just stupid TV shows” an that’s kind of true, but visibility matters an so does having positive LGBT representation on prime time TV, but that’s another rant for another time.
All tv shows end. I was heartbroken when Xena ended...
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