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The car ride
We haven't seen each other in 3 days and both agreed that it felt like forever. Anyway, we picked up his friend and hungout. After awhile we dropped him off and on the way back to his house we had this conversation about shitty friends and good friends we've had. he then says "you have no idea how much you mean to me", He looked at me then we almost went off the road. But I was like awwwww that's really nice of him to say that, I don't think I've had anyone say that to me before. I was trying to find something really nice to say but he just surprised me and then we almost crashed. I wish I would've said that i'll always be there for him or something like that. Then we changed the subject to something else.
For future reference, remember to say something dumb like, "Wow, thank you!" You might even add, if it is true for you, "I feel the same way about you." Wink
People can take you by surprise when they blurt out real feelings. Most people don't talk about real stuff, just the surface things to say.

It almost sounded like your friend might have wanted to say more, but then felt self conscious about admitting how he/she felt. But I may just be reading something into the moment that wasn't really there too.
Happens so often.. When someone comes up with something nice unexpectedly, it is difficult to come up with a suitable reply.
Maybe you'll get a chance to express how you felt in another moment in the future.
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TwisttheLeaf Wrote:Maybe you'll get a chance to express how you felt in another moment in the future.

Will: No matter if it's early days or you've been together a long time, there are still times when something the other person says catches you unaware and strikes you dumb.

But this can be revisited, if you wait for a quiet moment together and then say something like, I keep thinking about what you said, and______________________. (fill in appropriate sentiment). It was a really sweet thing for him to say, and I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing what his words meant to you.
Sounds like you are both lucky. The next time you speak you can always say, "You knocked me off my feet with what you said. You are special to me in the same way."
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Whenever I get surprised by such sweet words, I simply smile like I never did before Smile.

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