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The desperate plight of Iraq's Assyrians and other minorities
HollandofFrance Wrote:yeah we shouldnt care about persecuted people around the world, just our own kind and just those who belong to same political party etc

I care. What do you think I should do about it?

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Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Holland of France, since you were so quick to attack those who are reluctant to act, surely you should have an answer to what action should be taken?

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Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Iraq has an interesting 'inheritance' once that will level the playing field for most over the coming decades.

The Nuclear Wars the USA fought there in the two past Gulf Wars is already taking its toll.

No, we didn't drop the bomb - we just polluted the environment with low levels of radiation through the use of Depleted Uranium shells.

Need more?

So, right now the Iraqi Government is using sleight of hand to hide this and many other fun facts about the long drawn out never to be fully recovered recovery from two Gulf Wars. Its economy still sucks, lots of infrastructure is still severely damaged and not even functioning.

While we like to think of the 'wars' as two wars, it was only one. Gulf War I started 2 August 1990 and was declared 'over' in 28 February 1991, followed by Desert Storm followed by a period of so called peace. however during that Peace there was a no fly zone and lots of bombing done by Clinton Administration. In short, the war never stopped.

The end result is 20 years of constant war that had left a whole heap of major and minor problems for Iraq. Instead of dealing with those issues, the Iraqi Government is going to defray attention by allowing the sparks of 'bigotry' to turn into blazes.

Much like when the politicians in the USA wants to pull our attention from such things as bad economy, bail-outs and other 'bad' stuff they push the Gay Marriage Button to distract us from the real issues.

These people are not so much unhappy with others in a bigoted sort of way as they are unhappy about economic, lack of infrastructure, dealing with sudden increases in deformities, cancers and other wonderful side effects from radioactive DU and the long extended war the USA inflicted upon them.

Clean up the water, fix the infrastructure and remove the top 8 inches of radioactive top soil (yeah I know, top soil is only 1-4 inches deep) and the bigotry will suddenly diminish.

But we know all of that isn't going to happen, we are not even acknowledging these other more important issues.
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HollandofFrance Wrote:"Goodbye to minorities in the middle east. the next set of victims will be Egyptian Copts, and Syrian Christians plus other minorities such as druzes and Alawites. In the middle east, I am afraid we are witnessing the transition from secular dictatorships to Theocracy."

thanks to the Democrats Obama

i guess gays wont speak up till its them which i can assume it already is them

here in usa were stuck at disneyland i guess

So, basically you are stating that you want the United States to intervene in all nations (in the Middle-East, at least) that have or are in danger of having theocracies. Basically what you are talking about is an invasion of Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, and Syria.

All the while, a significant portion of the Republican party is attempting to establish a Christian Theocracy here in the United States. They claim that the United States was founded on "christian"values. Yet, when you look at the Constitution, what you see is a mix of Native American political ideas (federalism from the Iroquois Confederacy);, a significant portion of the American Bill of Rights coming from the English Bill of Rights; the balance of powers coming from the French Enlightenment thinker, the Baron De Montesquieu; representative government stemming from the Greeks; Equality under the law from Pericles; and the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE (A.K.A. the Establishment and the Free Exercise Clauses of the 1st amendment) from Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. And we certainly don't have a Christan economic system:

Iraq was always going to fall apart along tribal/religious lines once troops left, it's not a failing of Obama, it's a failing of the people who originally drew the borders we currently see in the middle east decades ago.

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