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The famous intro!!
As requested ladies & gentlemen... the famous geeting. Hi my name is Neil I'm 29 and living in sunny Suffolk. I work in the car industry as a sales exec and really enjoy life!!! so please say hi next time your online hey...

P.S will get a picture on soon when I figure out how!
what chirpy introduction! hey neil - I'm Riki! =)
Hey Riki howz ya goin... your my first!!! reply that is lol!
haha! I'm pretty ill at the moment. =( how'r you?
Evening Neil.. or should that be morning.

Andy here.. and my partner in crime you will no doubt meet a bit later...

hehe.. (that would be Udabar)
nothing 2 serious?? hope you feel better soon hey Confusedmile:
not that serious. Just bad tummy, sinus pains, feeling tired and weak. thanks mate Smile
Hey hey hey! Welcome to the forums!
welcome mr care sales man yoooooooo

how ya diddilin? Biggrina
Welcome to the site. I see Andy has already introduced me... Anyways... please come inside and make yourself at home. Take off your clothes and stay awhile, just don't sit on my couch. I don't know where your ass has been yet. :tongue:

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