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The n00b
so everyone, what threads do you recommend i check to get to know theforumers? or some funny ones maybe? (:
Tongue Well, I'd recommend starting out where you feel comfortable. Perhaps the word games thread, you don't really truly get to "connect" with someone in there unless they are online. Maybe create your own topics on one of the forums that's available to discuss something that you want to talk about? Start there and attract some visitors : )
Welcome! Wavey
Hola Zak, bienvenido, Welcome , willkommen, bienvenue, to GaySpeak. Your dyslexia shouldn't be a problem, as for misspelling, it shouldn't be a problem either. It's very brave of you to write in English in the first place... Bravo! Hasta luego, cariño!!
Nice to meet you Smile

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